Friday, August 5, 2011

Chicken Pox Update!!

Colette broke down with a few spots around 10am this morning.  She's doing fine and not complaining of itching yet.  Sweetie Pie is yet to get them.  We've been Chicken Pox partying with 3 other families so far today.
Colette thinks it's pretty cool to lick all the suckers first, before giving them away to the needed pox person.

I know of several families who still want them.

Something I found interesting:

My friend Amanda's sister, works in the emergency room as a nurse and she said that now the big thing is lots of pregnant women, (young pregnant women) who were immunized as children for Chicken Pox, are now at risk because the immunization doesn't last very long and their babies are having birth defects because of being exposed to the virus while pregnant.

The only sure way to be immune for life is to get it.  It's like the flu or a cold with some itching.
Don't worry, I had them when I was 5.  (and I'm still alive!!)


  1. Hooray for Colette's spots!! C'mon Sweetie Pie!!

    You presented a strong case for not avoiding the chicken pox! Thank goodness.

    Blessings to all of your family~

  2. I've always wondered why people make such a big deal out of the chicken pox. It comes with a slight fever and some itching. When I was little, I got them on purpose too. Better to get them when your little than when your older!

  3. I had chicken pox with my first pregnancy. I was only 6 weeks pregnant and was exposed as a child. I was in day care when it broke out and my mom just kept sending me so I would get it and I didn't! Pregnant I got it from the kid who lived downstairs and I never came in contact with!

    Rose came out with no troubles or complications. I had special ultrasounds but all was good.

    I have been concerned about the shot as well. All my kids, except my youngest have had the shot. I never heard that it might not last. I assumed that enough tests had been done... so I was so scared when I heard that they could get it as adults. It is far more dangerous then! Especially for girls. I won't get the shot anymore, I just wish I had known sooner!

  4. Wish I didn't live so far away as I still have a few who have never had them. Good luck!

  5. Bless you - wish I was close enough to get one of those lollipops - My 6yo hasn't had them yet.

    About the better younger than older - my husband got them at 40! It very nearly killed him (Dr. told us later there's a 10% mortality rate in men his age). He got them from our daughter, who had the shot (had to to go to school) more than 1/2 her class got them anyway. Two years ago, when that class was 13/14 yo - the kids who had been immunized, and didn't get them as 5 yos got the chicken pox anyway and it was way worse.

    Somebody please give them to my 6yo - I never want him to go thru what my husband had.

  6. This is very interesting- the comments too. I didn't know all this, so I guess we'll avoid the vaccine from now on. Jamie, did your kids have the vaccine?

    I remember getting chicken pox too. But I very vividly remember being miserable for at least two days. I was hoping that would be one less thing for my kids to go through. guess not...

  7. Sure puts a new light on chicken pox that I never thought about before. Hope the rest of your weekend goes great.

  8. Sarah-No, we don't vaccinate. I'm not dead set against it, just not now. We've researched and feel the complications from the vaccinations are a much higher risk than actually getting the disease.

    I'm not saying we never will, just now now.

    Amy and Luci--
    I'm worried now for my husband, who has never had them!! He went through it with his siblings and didn't get them and then with our 3 oldest and didn't get them. We think he is immune. He also has an uncle who never got them.

    Scary to get as an adult. Not scary as kiddos though.

    We had people visiting sharing suckers again today. I know more people who want them than don't.

    Wish you all lived closer too.

    Odie, have a great weekend!

  9. Oh, yeah, I forgot to add:

    When I got my "pregnancy book" from the know the big book they give you with each baby, with all the stuff you already know?

    in it, they have highlighted "chicken pox" I remember a couple months back, getting it and thinking who would get chicken pox while pregnant?

    Now I know.

    Now, I understand why it is highlighted too, it's pretty serious now.

    Years ago, people just got it and weren't at risk as adults, now with the vaccine, and not knowing how long it lasts, they are at risk as adults.

  10. Wow- that brought back memories of my own bout with chicken pox many moons ago! I hope your kids go through it quickly with no complications!

  11. Oh my, those poor young women who are risk for having babies with birth defects because they were following doctor's orders as kids. I will pray for them this evening and for the rest of your children who still need to catch em!

  12. Always an interesting topic.

    Ya-know who I am married I cannot comment too much on this issue.

    Hope all is going well!!

  13. I had a terrible case when very young as did my kids . . . I think we'll be alright because of it. BUT every time we go for physicals we get asked if we'd had the shot for pox and I say, "they had terrible cases of it before they were out of diapers, practically!" Sheesh. READ THEIR CHARTS! ;)


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