Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thankful Thursday

 Thankful for easy summer lunches and happy kiddos excited to go...
 Swimming!!  Thankful for friends who have pools!
The kids loved this, we might have to look into one of these for next year!
Thankful we know so many people who want to get the chicken pox!
 Thankful that the real chicken pox haven't appeared yet....still waiting, on day 14 of the 21 day incubation!
Now, how did she get my permanent marker?
Those girlies of mine always have my markers, scissors and tape!  

 Thankful for my view from the porch, along with morning prayers in the rain and talks with Jedi, 
which is invaded by all the girls within minutes.
Thankful for baked oatmeal on the porch along with my growing tummy....
 Thankful for that growing baby 16 weeks!
You won't see many of these pictures, I just get big all over.

 Thankful for lemons in my ice water.
this baby is not wanting anything except water and an occasional Diet Root Beer.
It's good, Thankful I kicked the Diet Coke and morning coffee habit!!
 Thankful for good friends who bring me lots of fresh, giant zucchini from their garden!!
I'm planning on making yummy Chocolate Zucchini Cake 
Thankful some of our books are already arriving, it's so exciting to get new books for the school year!
Now, this mama is nervously counting down the days of summer, 
trying not to think about all the organizing I need to do to get ready!
The toy room, the school room, everything!!!

Thankful for God's wonderful plan for Sarah and hoping it makes all the struggles of trying to conceive all that much sweeter!  Congratulations Sarah!!


  1. Beautiful post! There are so many things the Lord has given us to be thankful for. Thank you for the reminders!

  2. Great post, as usual. :-)

    Our books have all come in, and I honestly can't figure out how that seemingly little bit, costs so darn much money, you know?! (But we do get really excited when those new books arrive!) Now, I need to get busy on lesson plans and re-organizing our bookshelves.

    Love your belly shot!!

  3. Chocolate zucchini cake is the absolute best thing a person can do with this vegetable. I mean, I like it with tomato and garlic, but the kids . . .

    Everyone loves belly shots, but I understand - I get big all over too.

  4. Love all of your thankful things with photos:) That chocolate zucchini bread sounds yummy! Preganant Mamas are beautiful inside and out, including you:)Those growing tummies are signs of God's growing love and thank you for sharing your witness to the world!

  5. Now I'm teary eyed :) Thank you, thank you Jamie for the congrats! It does make all of that struggle to conceive worth it and so surreal. It also reminds me of God's faithfulness and now I'm grateful for that gap between the oldest kids and now the two (!!) younger ones. He knew all along...

    So excited to see your new photo...and your short hair!! I've never seen you with hair that short. Too cute!(as always)

    Mmm...chocolate zucchini cake. One of the best!

  6. Such a wonderful post today Jamie and you are looking wonderful girl. Have a great rest of the week.

  7. OH OH OH,....look at YOU!!! I wanted to reach out through the bloggy and give you a hug. It has been so long since I have seen you. You look great!

    enjoy those zucchinis!

    We have a pool just like that...we got it for $35.00 from a grandpa. They are pretty easy once you figure it out. Small enough to keep the water warm.

    happy friday to you.

    I got company coming in 45min...taking care of someones pup for a week.

    hope to talk to you soon

  8. BEAUTIFUL Momma! Like Christine said, I wanna hug you!

  9. You have much to be thankful for Jamie! Great friends, a baby on the way and fun baking to do!!


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