Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thankful Thursday

 Thankful for beauty by the mailbox, by any mailbox, I love mailboxes!
My Morning Glories didn't quite make it to the top of my mailbox this year, they got all caught up
in the daisies I planted...maybe that wasn't such a good idea!!
Thankful that even though they are a twisted mess of vines, they are still beautiful!
 Thankful this is my answer for the "happy cookie mama"!
Easy, fast and can be baked even on the busiest of first days of school!
 Thankful This beautiful little girl wanted so badly to start Kindergarten, that we started.
She loves to do school work, any time of day.
Don't you just love 5 year olds?
They are so excited for anything life brings them.
She was excited when she got Chicken pox and was such a trooper!
Thankful her chicken pox only lasted 5 days total, actually only having 3 days of itching.
 Thankful while trying to plan school for 4 kiddos.....
 This little Sweetie Pie constantly distracts  amuses me and keeps me busy.....
 laughing at such cuteness.
(yes, I wear reading glasses--I'm almost 42!)
 Thankful my garden flowers are at their peak,
 I love to sit on the porch and watch the hummingbirds and butterflies all around the flowers!
 Thankful for these last days of summer.
Thankful for sunny, breezy days in the upper 70's
It makes me feel 20 again....carefree and riding on the back of a bad boy's motorcycle....
(Yes, I always dated bad boys...til my blind date, nice guy husband)
To be young and responsibilities, except to have fun!!
 Thankful that girl is still inside me...having fun with my kiddos,
 sharing a love of life and all God's beauty around us... 
 Thankful for these smiling faces....
(I paid them with fruit snacks for smiling all at the same time)
Thankful for fruit snacks...
 Thankful for our backyard kiddie pool set up. 
 These girls sure have fun with something so little!

 Thankful for sunshine and lazy summer days numbered with the month of August....
Thankful because we homeschool....we can still enjoy these summer days after school!!
Bring on September!

 Thankful for these beautiful quilts I found at a garage sale, sewn by a 92 year old lady, named Betty.
Thankful for grocery lists and meal planning, much needed organization for running a 
home filled with children!! 
I got out of the habit of making my 2 week lists of meals this summer,
 but am back on track
what a difference it makes just knowing what is for supper each night!
(and not having to run to the store every day for things needed)

Thankful we are off to a lake day with friends today
Thankful I think I found one chicken pox spot on Sweetie Pie today....we'll see if it turns into anything.
Thankful for our homeschool Fall Rally tonite, all the things starting up early September,
Monthly homeschool Mass and picnics, 
 Little Crowns,
 Piano every week again,
 YMCA homeschool stuff,
Tae Kwon Do (regular days)
Book Club
(I'm sure your list is bigger!)
Thankful I'm ready to start school officially Monday!
(2 weeks early....every little bit will help once this baby comes in January!)

Thankful Thursdays
A time to remember to be thankful
A pause in the week for praise,
thanksgiving and thinking positively
in addition to the normal daily praise
we need to give God.


  1. What beautiful, wonderful things to be thankful for!

  2. Another wonderful list!
    So thankful that your kiddos have a wonderful Momma who remembers the importance of fun!!

  3. p.s. - love your mailbox and flowers!

  4. I LOVE these posts. In fact, I posted on Facebook this morning, "If you're not grateful, you're not paying attention."

    There's so much to be said for being thankful for everyday blessings!

  5. I loved your list today Jamie and I am so thankful for great friends like you that make my days more enjoyable.

  6. First, You don't look 42 at all! So cool! You are beautiful!! You have great genes!! Second, when is your new bundle of joy due in January, (what date)? My two youngest girls are January babies and I am!! So...January is a favorite month around here. We get a little too much cake though!
    P.S. Love your beautiful scenary pics! Everything is so green! In AZ, not so green here.

  7. Ohhhh, I always love your thankful lists. You are one of the best thankful people I know:) You dig deep and I love it! I know what you mean about how the kids and the great outdoors help us find the "girl" inside of us, just when we feel old and tired! (That's just me feeling old and tired:) I need to get a menu list going. I have fallen off the wagon with that and it DOES make evenings so much less stressful. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Oh, thank you everyone! It really helps me to make these lists every week, to think all week, as I'm taking pictures of all the blessings.

    I am feeling almost 42, I'm very very tired with this baby!!

    Lorie-my C-section will probably be January 6th, at 38 weeks, the doctors won't let me go past 38 weeks, due to my type I diabetes.
    (that's Epiphany, I'll take it!)

  9. Jan. 7th is also a good birthday...Zach's Birthday!!!!

    Looking forward to that chickenpox thingamajig to be done so we can get together. Ava has a drs. appt. in early Sept.

    I think 42 is very very young. I hope to be very active even at 62!!! You are very very lucky to have girls to my humble opinion. Girls always like school. My boys not so much.

    I REALLY look forward to being there for one thing on the list...BOOK CLUB.

    Only if it is a good book though.

    picky me.

  10. Oooo neat Epiphany for your new baby's birthday would be very special!!

    ***Also, just wanted to make it clear that I would never think that 42 is old I just thought you were around 35 so I wanted to compliment you!! Looking good!! :) Your kids keep you young at heart!!


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