Friday, October 14, 2011

Even More Fall Art (OK, last one for today)

 Water paint paper anyway your kiddo (or you) wish
We used regular kid paint and water in a bowl to water it down for a brighter effect.
We also used watercolor paper, which turns out better, but regular paper works fine too.
 Painting and snacking on nuts....
 OK, mine is the middle one, I admit, I love Art.
I always wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher, because of the Art!!
(my first grader also loves these projects though....)
The top row is an example of an Art project gone bad, but turned out OK in the end.
I planned on the girls using Elmer's Glue to outline fall leaves, 
which they did, 
the next step, after it dried 
was to water paint in between the dried glue part.
while I chased after my 2 year old busy body...
(gone for literally 2 minutes)
They had gotten out the glitter and it was everywhere
and filled in the glue.
It turned out pretty anyway and we never did do it the way I had planned!


  1. Ooh- I like those! You are a very brave woman to work with glitter. I've banned it until I retire from my classroom. It is fun, though, to see how much nicer it makes a project or picture look-

  2. My kids would love this. Anything to do with paint. I've cut large pieces of cardboard as their art "board" and it helps loads with clean-up.

  3. I love art too - we did the colored glue then watercolor pictures this week from pink and green mama :)

  4. Wow. I am so art neglectful. I guess I better get on the ball with that, haha. It looks so fun! I just can't even seem to make it happen... I think I dread the clean up too much!

  5. Kelli, as I've said before, If I'm posting it, it's easy! Go for it, I've found that the preparation is harder than the clean up.


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