Sunday, October 30, 2011

Last Minute Fall/Halloween Stuff

 If you don't have much time,
 and have to bring something to a party
 or just want to do something fun with your kiddos,
 this is the snack!!
SO easy,
 just melt white vanilla chips, (2 bags)
 dunk Nutter Butters (1 package) in the melted chips,
 and add mini chocolate chip eyes and mouth,
 let set for about a 1/2 hour
That's it!!  
They were a hit!
I did the dunking, the girls did the chocolate chips 
and it only took about a 1/2 hour to make.

You could use these for All Souls day this week too.

 One party down, 2 more to go!
Strike that Ninja, we had Darth Vader instead.
(got the costume for like $6 last year, after Halloween, the pumpkin,wig and tiger were only a buck!)
(we painted the orange shirt with black stripes for a tiger a couple years ago)
 We saw this Art project here and had to try it!
We used regular white paper and made sure to color the colors first,
 so the black would not bleed into the colors
They turned out great!


  1. Your house is filled with so much fun! Those costumes look great and were a bargain, too. I'm going to have to try the ghost cookies- that is jsut so very easy. Did you come up with that yourself? You are always so very creative!

  2. Cute art blog - thanks for the link. Another fun one with a variety of ages is I wanted to try a 2x2 block art project for All Saints but that's not happening (at least this year).

  3. Shelly-- I googled "ghost cookies" I think and found it, but have seen the recipe over the years.

    Nicole, I've seen that blog too, but now re-put in my google reader--I have lots of art blogs in my reader, I love those!!

  4. The cookies look awesome! I may try with Vienna Fingers though because nobody's a fan of Nutter Butters around here. My ghosts won't have quite a nice shape though :(

  5. Oh, I love these...what a great idea!

    Not that we need more sugary stuff around here...but hey, Halloween only comes once a year, right?

  6. Your kids look so cute! My son is going to be Darth Vader this year too. My sis-inlaw had a large box filled with costumes she picked up for cheap last year. Of course I had just proclaimed on another person's blog that we don't do "evil character costumes", even Star Wars. LOL! That teaches me to open my big mouth. There is always a first for everything. The free costumes trumped my stance on "evil characters". :)

  7. Hey!! Darth Vader turns to the good side you know!!!
    I used to think the same thing though Kelly, til I found such a great deal!
    You won't catch me buying devils or other evils though, promise!!

    Colleen, Vienna fingers would do the trick or those other things....they are Pepperage Farm....Milano cookies I think?

    Yes, LuAnne, once a year!! That's what we all say about Thanksgiving and Christmas right?

  8. I LOVE this idea for little ghosties:) I think we'll adopt it for All Souls...great idea, thank you:) Have a fun Halloween or All Hallowed Eve!

  9. Those cookies are too cute! We have a peanut allergy here, but the milano cookies would work too! Yummmm.....Happy Halloween!

  10. When the kids were little I picked all their costumes and made it into a "theme". We did Star Wars one year with Darth Vader, a storm trooper, (colette) was Princess Leia of course and Jonathan was Luke Skywalker.

    Now I have no say. sniff sniff.

    ANYhoo...have fun at all those parties.

    Love the art project also. so puuuurty.

  11. This is where I saw the ghosts! We made them and they were a big hit! Thanks for sharing. I posted a pic of ours at


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