Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Leaves

 Don't forget to save some of those beautiful fall colors!


  1. Cool project! At first I thought that they were place mats! Do you think there's a way of ironing that onto fabric to make place mats?? Was that a wax sheet over the leaves?

    Sorry for all the questions. :-)

  2. Beautiful! We really don't get fall colors down here- I love how vibrant those are. You are so creative- your kids must have so much fun with you as their teacher!

  3. Oh, Shelly, I don't know about that!!
    I hope they do!!

    Becky, it's wax paper, with a towel on the counter, to protect the counter, otherwise you'd get wax all over the counter. Then just put another sheet of wax paper over the leaves and iron away, right on the wax paper.

    Not sure how you'd do placemats...

  4. We love doing this too...but our leaves don't get that pretty Fall color until November! Gorgeous work there and treasuring God's creation:)

  5. Your leaves are gorgeous! I will definitely being doing this when the colors change!

  6. That looks so pretty with all of the fall colors!

  7. That is so pretty! What a great idea! I agree you really do get pretty fall colors!!! :)We are still pretty much green out here!

  8. looks great. :-) I am so bad about doing fun stuff.


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