Friday, September 30, 2011


After watching videos, especially like this one, and many more videos on the Operation Smile 
site, I've come to realize something.

I've been praying for a miracle.
For God to heal my baby.
I've been praying novenas, and rosaries and special mother's prayers.
Those are probably the things that have given me the grace to see what I've realized.

All these people in all the other countries, where many poor children have
cleft lips and palates, and wait in line with a ton of other children for a surgery that will change their lives.
A surgery that is described as "a miracle" by all who are able to receive it.

A surgery that is automatic here, in the United States.  
A surgery that my baby will have at only 3 months.
My baby won't have to wait years and  be mocked and shamed from school.
My baby won't have to wait all day with 100's of other children, 
only to find out that there's no more time or money for his/her surgery.

My baby will have his/her's mother's milk, pumped and given to him/her in special bottles, 
waiting there at the hospital for us to use.
Our baby won't die because there is no way for us to feed him/her
like so many cleft lip/palate babies in other countries.

We've already got our miracle.
We will witness our miracle with every surgery our baby is blessed enough to have.
We are part of God's miracle.
I cannot even contain all the excitement I feel 
that God would allow us to be a part of something so big.


  1. Great attitude, Jamie! You are so right! I'm glad you got to see the Operation Smile site! It is so inspiring and heart-wrenching to watch. But you always walk away with your eyes wide open on how good we all have it here.

  2. Now you are talking!You have got to love the power of positive thinking. I think you are right in that this fabulous new attitude probably did come from all those prayers. I am so happy that you have a plan and are feeling so much better.

  3. What perspective! How positively to look at it and have your eyes opened. You've given me something to think about. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I do believe God works through people...people who have talent and through hard work they want to help others. I believe God works through the saints also.

    I am so glad your baby will be in good hands.

  5. This is so beautiful you made me cry! It's not easy to see God's miraculous works in times of trial - but you've done it. Thank you!

  6. iednI was going to comment yesterday on your posts but had to run out the door before I got the chance. I have been thinking about you so much and am so moved by this post.
    God has a reason for all the things he does. When we were going through Daisy's heart surgery I kept praying for a miracle. That we would go up there and tell us to go home, no surgery needed! But I realized at one point that Daisy had to have this surgery. That God works in mysterious ways and that we are not always privy the reasons why. That we may never know why we had to go through that, but that somehow God worked through her surgery and created something powerful.
    Sending much love your way!

  7. YES, that baby is a miracle. I have said many times I'm SO glad we live in a time where I can pump, someone (GENIUS, I'm not kidding) invented these amazing bottles, and we have awesome docs who can fix these guys right up. My Speech therapist says that by age 4-5 he'll talk perfectly normally and in their lives no one will even be able to tell anything was ever wrong. Also she said that it is so great that's he's getting breast milk and that is keeping him healthy and chubby, which they want before the surgery. What a blessing these kids are!

  8. Jamie Jo,
    Prayers are working for you already!! What a great reminder that God and can help you see the brighter things about all this with HIS wisdom. These positive thoughts about this are from God. I am still hopeful that your baby will be born ok but if not you keep this attitude up and things will be fine. And with God you know you are in excellent hands and you know you are doing his will and he will lead you every step of the way.

  9. P.S. A little story to share...after I pick up my kids from school (they go to our church school) we drive by a highschool and always see this poor boy that has something wrong with his legs walking with a walker. And the poor kid looks like he is struggling so much just to walk because he takes much longer to walk down the sidewalk than the other kids. Well, my son (second grade) noticed this boy is slower. I told him to never ever make fun anyone (he wasn't, but just a reminder). I told him that the boy has a heavy cross to carry. And then without thinking (God must have put it in my mind) I said... well isn't it better to have a cross to carry if you know you will make it to heaven because of it? And all my kids at the same time answered YES. So, this earthly cross (all of us have different ones) we have to carry can possibly be a good thing for our souls in the next life. You know what I mean? P.S. My son then asks me what his cross is. I told him I don't know yet but God does. I also said I wish you din't have to ever have one but we have to remember our focus is heaven. I just wanted to share this for hopefully a little comfort in knowing that your cross can also be a good thing. Even though the secular culture doesn't think so. God Bless!!

  10. You are so right Jamie that we are already blessed with the miracles others only dream of. Linda & I have been supporting CBN for years and feel great that some part of that goes to help precious children smile. I think about how precious a smile is every time I see yours my friend.

  11. What a beautiful witness you continue to be:)

  12. You are amazing Jamie! God has given you a gift. And yes you are blessed. Our children are blessed. My daughter had a surgery that was completely paid for by the health insurance. She had one of the best spine surgeons. We do not need to worry, yet we do. You are right when we see what others in poor countries go through we change the whole perspective of our life. Will be praying for you and your baby.

  13. What a glorious attitude, Jamie! This was such a profound post. God's blessings are going to continue to prosper in your family because your attitude has opened the door for them. Your baby is so very blessed-

  14. You are 100% correct on this! There are so many humbling moments like this along the road. When you sit in a waiting room waiting for your child to come out of surgery for the second time next to a mom who is waiting for their child to come out of surgery for the 82nd time, all of a sudden your cross becomes an amazing blessing!


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