Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I've Decided...

That the next time my husband surprises the 3 oldest kiddos with 3 extra Twins tickets, on a school night, and
they get home around midnight, that, he has to deal with them the next day.  All 3 were in tears at different times today.

  They did have a blast at the game though, and talked about it all day!!

(and I did get some much loved mommy time with my littles, and 3 loads of laundry done, while they were gone)

So, I guess it's all good.


  1. Hopefully he won't pull that on you too often. That was such a sweet comment you left on my blog today Jamie. I was telling Linda, that is the kind of people I communicate with on a daily basis and I wish so much we were actual neighbors and I really mean that girl. I really appreciate you wanting to bless Rachel with a package. I'll get you the info. Good night & sweet dreams.

  2. LOL- they won't remember being tired and cranky, but they will remember attending that game with their dad, and your little ones will always have the sweet memories of being with you. It all turns out great!

  3. Odie, you know, I was excited for the kiddos yesterday, but then today happened!! It is like

    Shelly said--Yes, they will remember that game forever! And Colette keeps saying how we did EVERYTHING we wanted to do last night!

    (she picked supper: ham sandwiches and noodles:)

  4. That is such a sweet surprise! But crabby kids...oye...I send mine to quiet time when I know they are overly tired and just need a break from the world!

  5. The memory will outlast the crankiness :) I just realized that Shelly said the same thing...oh well...great minds think alike!

  6. Sounds like they had a great time!

    NAP TIME! Sounds like they just needed a little catch-up.

    Life is too short....gotta go to a game every once in awhile.

  7. Oh! Isn't that always the benefit of being a daddy? Take them out for a good time, then when mean ol' mom comes in with work and chores, then it's meltdown mode for Glad they had a good time, though!


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