Monday, September 19, 2011

Marble Painting!

 Well, Colette waited so patiently all week and did finally get to marble paint on Friday!!
She picked the colors....I knew she'd pick yellow with something, oh, what a surprise!
Yellow and pink.
(her favorite colors, in that order)
 First, dip the marbles in paint, as many as you want, we used like 5 I think...
 Then, place your paper inside a box, and drop the marbles in with a tweezers, and roll them around!
If you are nice big sister, you will then, show you little sister how it's done!!

And your beautiful artwork will brighten the house!


  1. You have such a creative family- I LOVE the projects you all do. Makes me even want to break out a few marbles and try it! You all are such an inspiring family!

  2. Shelly, really, it's not that creative, believe me, if I'm doing it, it's easy!!

  3. What a great idea! I am going to have to try that with my little ones :)

  4. very cool. Liam would love this. Now I just have to find those last two marbles that didn't get thrown away by me. The rule in this house is if the kids leave marbles on the floor for baby to put in his mouth, they get thrown away. Now they have about two left!

  5. love anything art!

    My word verif. is "grace". I like those kind.

  6. I love this! We are so doing this for M week!

  7. Hi Jamie, that is such a pretty craft as well as fun! Your girls obviously had a lot of fun painting!

  8. Fun! I love your girls' expressions, too. Very cute!

  9. I'm going to try this with NiNi today. We don't have marbles but we do have lots of those obnoxious magnetix balls.

    (Forgive me, but any toy that I have to pick up REPEATEDLY is obnoxious.)

  10. I'm totally doing this. Kids will love it!


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