Monday, September 26, 2011


 Of thinner days....
Can anyone guess where this picture was taken?
There might be a prize...maybe a toy shark or something...
Sorry for the pictures of pictures...found these 2 last night and have been thinking,
no, dreaming, no, wondering...if I'll ever be thin again.


  1. Looks like the ark at the creation museum...Ah, I was tagged in a bunch of high school pics today and dreamt of the same.

  2. This is so funny 'cause we were going through old pictures two nights ago and my husband came across a college pic of me. He stopped and said, "wow!"
    Being a woman I felt both flattered and bummed. Flattered that he thought I looked good in that photo. Bummed because I am no where near that person anymore. sigh.

    So I've been wondering the same thing as you.

  3. ahh..I know how you feel especially when I see pictures of when we got married..however,every once,pound,stretchmarks is because of a happy memory :) You are StiLL beautiful :) It's hard*IKNOW* but alas this is who we are now :) It's the "stretchmarks" of being mommies :)

  4. No clue where that pic. was taken so I get no prize.

  5. I'm with Conservamom. C'mon, at least you wear your stripes well! You are a BEAUTIFUL woman!!! My goodness, your man and you are still making babies together! How awesome is that?!?!! Love you, darling girl.

  6. Ha-ha! You were at the MN Zoo standing in the Clubhouse Cove in Dolphin Bay!!!

  7. Ha!! Finally!!! Someone guessed right!!

    Tracy, yes, MN Zoo, actually, I was pregnant with Jedi and didn't know it at the time!


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