Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank You

I have so many things to post and so little time to do it!
Before posting anything, I must say thank you so very much for your prayers and encouraging words.

I am feeling much better and much more positive.  I actually told a good friend today and didn't even cry while telling her.  I accept whatever God has in His plans for us.  I love this baby with all my heart, and more
with every kick!

I want also to thank all of you who have emailed, or called.  I am trying to email everyone back, I just need that little thing called time.  I have looked up and printed several of the links you've suggested and it is so very helpful and hopeful.

I wish I could give a phone call to each and every one of you, but by the time I get that chance,
it's 9 in the evening.

(Like today, Ballerina Rosie didn't even shower til 11:20 and so started school at noon!!  This is unacceptable and we had a little talk with the Principal.  Mary Hannah also followed suit and so the Principal, other known as Daddy, is taking the kiddos who were showered early and did their school in a timely manner to the
Dairy Queen tonite....I can hear a little girl crying right now because of this.  Just breaks my heart...just kidding. When they are not even ready to start school til noon, then it literally takes all day to do school, As Ballerina Rosie is finishing her math right now, it's almost 7pm!  It was beautiful outside today and we didn't even get to enjoy it)

I got a little off track there...

I want to shout out a big "Thank you" to Marsha, a friend of a friend in Fargo, she sent me a really long hand written letter, to which I still have not responded!!!  Thank you so much, I do hope to meet you someday, you are so very sweet!  God bless you!

Please know, dear readers, you are all in my prayers.
Through my post about the baby, I have met several new readers and am so very pleased to add you to my Google Reader, amazing women you are!

Thank you again and God bless you all!


  1. I will tell you what Leila from Little Catholic Bubble told me after Leo was born. She said, It was all be so perfectly fine. I didn't quite believe her at that hormonal, confused time, but she was right! It's better than fine - it's amazing ;)

  2. Jamie: I'm SO glad to hear your good report. I've been praying for you. This baby is going to be such a blessing to your family, and this baby is already so blessed to be born into your family.

  3. Glad to hear you are doing better!

  4. Jamie~I've missed so much. First of all, Happy and Blessed (Belated) Birthday! You've been going through a lot and I'm lifting you up in prayer right now. It's never easy to receive tough news. I know you know this, but God has a special plan for that baby and maybe it's to sanctify all of us who read your blog....
    Sending you bloggy hugs and calling upon Mary's Most Holy name on your behalf<3

  5. This post really reflects the beauty of our little Catholic corner of the internet--both in your dear, sweet honesty (it's one of the best things about you, Jamie) and in the generous, loving response you received.

    It's one thing to "know" that things will be's another thing to feel it. Our sisters-of-the-heart help us to feel the trust we know we should have.

    PS. You do not have to return my call.

    PPS. Just show up at my house with coffee. ;)

  6. I'm so happy that you are feeling better about things. I was so worried when I read your post. And, don't sweat it. They are getting it done, so no biggie. My older two are still sleeping (it's only 7:30am but that is late to me), however the 7 year old is up and finished with breakfast. So I'm going to spend a little time with her if the baby doesn't wake up...let's hope. ;-)

  7. I am so glad you are doing better. We will continue to pray. You know how much I love you! :)

  8. Jamie - I am just getting caught up and I wanted to send a bloggy hug for you. I am praying for a miracle too, but can't wait to see that baby either way! Your blog is "Lord Make Me a Saint" and it's only in lifting our crosses to God that we can become saints. This is a cross for you and your little babe, but one giant leap toward sainthood :)

  9. It is super easy to be loving & compassionate to a sweetie like our Jamie Jo. Hopefully the school issue will get worked out in a timely manner. I feel you pain on that part.
    Have a blessed rest of the week.


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