Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Last Free Wednesday!

 We work a 4 day school week, with the exception of Jedi who sometimes will have some work on Wednesdays, so our Wednesdays are our piano and band days in the school year, 
only, piano and band don't start til next week!
So we decided to take the afternoon and go to a local zoo
 We are members, so this was a free trip!!!
Look at those cute baby bears
 The bears were very active,
 it was cooler yesterday and kind of misting out,
 so the animals were pretty active...
 They have an albino peacock walking around, strutting his stuff for the Timberwolf, 
who is trying to ignore him.
 The wise tortoise...
 The tigers would not wake up, but they sure are beautiful! 

 The petting zoo had 
donkeys, sheep, a baby calf and rabbits.

 Running with the wolves...kind of gives me the creeps....
The kids kept saying, they are just like dogs, they love to play!!
 Below, the cute prairie dogs...
 Back to the wolves....
 The kiddos loved the wolves....

Pronghorn deer
Baby pronghorns...
Turkeys, roaming all over
Peacock eating with the deer...
Afterward, we stopped in this historic town, what a neat town...
neat shops, neat old buildings.
This town has tried to keep it's nostalgia alive and done a great job!
We stopped by the bakery in town to get cookies and this bakery, 
had a restaurant to one side, dishes for sale on another and wedding cake and stuff for sale, among 
post cards and a ton of other stuff.  (funny store)
The kiddos would all love to move to this little town,
Tom says a lot of crazy people live there...
(it is Christine's hometown!)
A must stop on the way home, Treasure City (more like Junk City)
But the kiddos loved it!!

Where can I get one of these?

Quarter bus ride with free suckers for all!
The whole way there and the whole way home the highway was lined with wild black eyed susans, 
Just beautiful!!
It was such a fun day!!


  1. My little girls recognized your photos--they went there with Grandma and Grandpa last month!

    Never thought to stop at Treasure City, though, despite driving past it MANY times. To catch a glimpse of one of the (crazy) locals though would be worth it. :)

  2. I love to see animals like that- what a great trip! I love how you structure your school weeks, too- that sounds like a lot of fun. And, I'm trying not to be jealous that it's not so hot up there that you can still have wildflowers growing. Ours have all burned off. Spring, wherefore art thou?

  3. LOVE all your pictures of God's creatures. Looked like the kids had lots of fun for your last Wednesday!! And...I agree with Shelly you are so blessed to see those flowers and such green grass. Right now in AZ everything is not green like that!!

  4. Lorie and Shelly, usually August is pretty dried up, but this year, we've had steady rain and everything has stayed so green!! It has been a good summer for that. I'll tell you how jealous I am of you both come January and February...and March, and even April when it's still winter here!!

    Mags--you gotta stop, just to say you did, but you must give strict orders not to touch anything especially glass things, there are a lot of trinkets, a lot!! Hey, the kiddos got Gold Rush Gum, you know in the bags, fun place for all kind of unique old stuff!!

  5. Hooray! Your site is back up! :)

    I love your oldest daughter's hair. So cute!

    My kiddos love to visit the zoo, though we don't do it very often. The nearest one is 5 hours away in Denver.

  6. Kelly, it's a tiny little zoo but fun for an afternoon outing. The kiddos would much rather go to Minneapolis and see the MN Zoo!!

  7. One of our favorite places! Great photos and it looks like a perfect afternoon with the kids.

    Haven't been to Treasure City for years. Definitely worth the stop! I love that town and agree that they have done a great job keeping it cute and historic.

  8. Those are great pictures! I cannot believe how big your "baby" is now! I remember when you were pregnant with her. Time flies when I haven't been blogging..:-)

  9. A great day,indeed:) Love those cute prairie dogs and OH, the running with the wolves would give me the creeps too. Must be a Mom thing. Gotta love the 4 day work week (we try to do that too)...I need to get cracking on planning some Friday field trips! Thanks for the motivation and have a blessed weekend.

  10. Valerie at Her Little Way sent me to your blog the other day because she could not get on it just like you described. I copied your solution and it worked, so thank you.

    I came to look around and I just wanted to drop a note telling you that your family is so beautiful. Your Wednesday adventure was perfect.

    I am so jealous as we are in Houston and the heat makes it next to impossible to enjoy the outside. This last summer has been so so so hot.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your precious family and your adventures.

  11. Great trip and beautiful pictures.

  12. Little Falls is my hometown and YUP...weird people is right!

    I havent been to the zoo in a long time and NEVER EVER to that trinket shop!

    Looks like you guys had a great time...especially "running with the wolves" so cool.


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