Tuesday, February 3, 2009

9 Weeks Today!

I had my first OB appointment yesterday. It was only meeting with the nurse. You know where they go over everything you already know and anything new that you don't? Like, now we are supposed to heat any cold sandwich with meat on it to steaming. SO, if I get a sub anywhere, I am supposed to heat it. YUCK! That is the only thing new I learned. I did end up leaving my big 3 ring binder with all the numbers I might need and all the info she went over with me, at the clinic, on a bench, where I stopped to put on my headband and mittens. (it was a day where we ask "why do we live in MN?")

I now have a ultrasound scheduled for next Monday, so there, I will see the baby and it's little heart beating. They said they trust my dates, but they have to be sure when it is a scheduled c-section. I'm not going to argue any chance to see the baby. She also said they need to see if there are 2 babies.

Twins. I doubt there are twins. But, I have to admit, I have prayed for them. I have always wanted them. I love babies and 2 of them would be wonderful. I know, yes, it would be very hard, but it would also be wonderful. I feel selfish even talking about it, but I noticed with my last baby, that I got bigger much faster and start thinking twins right away. When I had my first ultrasound with her, I remember, even mourning the loss of not having 2 babies. Isn't that dumb? It's a baby, it's a miracle in itself and here I am wanting more! I am selfish. I take for granted the wonderful gift of life God has given us. I think God gives only special moms twins and I guess I want to be that special mom. See how selfish I am? I am drawn to twins and of course, I am bigger this time and starting to show already and thinking twins.

Give me. Give me. Give me! I am a selfish child wanting more more more.

The nurse also warned me that I will be "living" at the clinic the last 2 months of my pregnancy. She said "so basically plan on your whole summer being here." I will be there at least 2 times/per week, for non-stress tests and ultrasounds and then every other week will be with the OB and then monthly with my diabetic doctor.

I am a repeat/multiple, c-section, almost 40 year old, type 1 diabetic, high risk? Yes.
Is it all worth it? Yes.

A few people have asked in emails and my comments how I am feeling. Just assume that I am feeling like crap, unless I tell you otherwise. I don't have a better way to put that. I started gagging, 2 days ago and still have absolutely no energy to do anything. I even canceled sledding at our house with Melissa and her children ! I never cancel things!

Again, I will ask, is it worth it? YES! I can't wait to find out what this baby looks like, what his/her personality is. I am and feel so very honored that God has trusted us with another soul.

SO, I'm sorry if I sound like I am complaining (I am pregnant you know!) But, I am just trying to be honest and real. I love having babies, I hate being pregnant. It is a total sacrifice of self. Which only brings us closer to God, right?


  1. Thanks Laura, I was just there and I think I appreciate it!

    Am I supposed to? Heck ya, I am honored!

  2. Jamie, pregnancy is SO hard, especially the 3rd, 4th, 5th ... time around! And with little ones running around, it's even harder, more exhausting! God bless you and your baby ... and your entire family!

    IF you are having twins, let me know, and I can fill you in on some of my experiences ... And if you're not having twins, well, you are still a special mom! No doubt about it!!

    I can relate to living at the doctor with all the stress tests. I experienced that in my last pregnancy. It is hard ... on everyone. But in the end, so worth it! May the Lord grant you grace, peace and perseverance during this time ...

  3. Jamie-so sorry you're not feeling well, but oh for a good reason! You're in my prayers!

  4. Hey, I feel like gagging (and I nearly do) every day: picking up the dog junk in the back yard! Ewwww, I know! Just grossness beyond gross!

    I think you are so cute. You think like I did. Each time I was pregnant, I thought, Okay, Lord, I'll take one, but if there's two, brilliantly well done, God! So, you aren't alone in wishing for doubles. :-)

  5. My cousin just had the first set of twins in our family. We love them. I wish I had a twin!

    Both of my dh parents have twin siblings in heaven. Just too little.

    Hang in there!! It is all worth it.

  6. Thanks for the book suggestions. I'm looking forward to adding some to our home library.

    Hope pregnancy gets better for you. Twins!! That would be nice! Secretly, some days I've been hoping for them since I feel like we're "behind" since it's been so long. Crazy, I know. And, ahem, but what!!?? Almost 40?? That must mean like a few years away..right?? At least!!

    Blessed day to you!

  7. Jamie,
    I just had my last dr. appt. today, next step, having the baby. The c-section is scheduled for one week from today... the surgery is still making me feel scared, even though this is my 6th c-section, I still always worry about complications. Don't worry about "complaining" just think of it as "venting" to make it just a bit easier to get through. I don't like any part of being pregnant at any stage of the pregnancy... although I usually feel good about the first 4 weeks and have extra energy, but then it hits me.
    I still haven't seen you since you announced your pregnancy, so I owe you a big hug yet!!

  8. Jaime, may God Bless you and your unborn baby! Praying for you to have a good and healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby, a safe and holy birth, and that everything will go well!

    Please don't hate me for saying this, but I think if I was able to conceive a baby I don't think I'd mind the morning sickness, fatigue, the pain and suffering of giving birth, ect. at all. As a matter of fact, I'm looking forward to it and hoping and praying there is a baby out there for us!

    Praying to my favorite Saints and asking them to pray and intercede for me and for you - The Blessed Mother, St. Anne, and St. Gianna!

    Love ya and praying for you!


  9. Congratulations I just found your blog by reading your book suggestions at With a Hopeful Heart and I ordered all of them thanks so much. I am 7 weeks and so excited, congratulaions to you!

  10. I don't remember how I linked here now but just thought I'd leave a note to say hello.

    Congratulations on your newest little arrival!

    I'm a repeat-cesarean mom, too. I've got four under my belt so far. Wow, that has a double meaning, doesn't it? ;)

    I'll say a prayer for a healthy pregnancy, delivery, and recovery! :)

  11. Oh Jamie, I am right there with you! I have been feeling very sorry for myself these days, and trying to remember who this is all for. Unlike you though, I am praying for one baby..lol! There are twins in my family (I have twin brothers), so I'm hoping for just one. I'll praying God sends them to you if He's dishing out multiples. :-)

  12. You know I'm praying for you - hang in there! And don't worry about Monday -- you have too much going on. I'll post pictures and we'll plan a different day!

  13. Jaime when I posted the Paying It Forward photo on my blog, I included a link to your blog. Also I asked anybody who reads my PIF post to please pray a Hail Mary for my friend Jamie and her unborn baby. Hope you don't mind?

    P.S. Thanks to you and your friend Christine, I think I have a good idea for what I'd like to send people! Thanks for the idea!

    May God Bless you.


  14. A few thoughts...
    > I asked my doctor about that meat thing, he said don't worry about it. He said in all his years here he's never seen a pregnant mom infected by deli meat. Besides, he trusts Bodiddley's and Subway's around here should be fine. But I personally like my Bodiddley's Combo Sub heated - it's delish!

    >Mikayla will be rooting for your twins. She'd offer to help, I am sure. She's been begging for twins for us for years. I've befriended twins before, and my cousin has a set - and I KNOW it's not for me. It's not selfish of you - it shows how unselfish you really are!

    >I honestly thought by 13 weeks I'd be over this nauseau stuff - but no luck. So we can still be miserable complainers together a while longer. :)

    >Hey - You really surprised me when you cancelled sledding. It's usually me! Not to worry, plenty of snow days left. We're STILL sick here, so hopefully not much longer till we can meet again.

    >And finally - it is SO worth it. I've been practically bed ridden every evening for the past 3 months, but I'd do it for 6 more months if it means delivering a healthy baby. FYI: God, please spare us anyways.

  15. I am the opposite, I love being pregnant. It is the most amazing thing to know that a life is growing inside of you. I do get impatient at the end just want to hold him/her( I should just say her because that is what we have so far). I will have you in my prayers because I do not envy you for having to spend the summer at the doctors:)


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