Friday, February 6, 2009

The Office

Our latest Netflix series we are watching is "The Office"! It is great and we just finished the 2nd season where Jim and Pam finally kiss. I have to admit I watched that scene 3 times. It seems to get better each time I watch it. My husband and I started a year ago and he kind of thought it was dumb, and only watched a couple and quit (I would have kept going) but then he started recently again, to give it another try and I'm so glad! To watch one show, it's only 20 minutes with no commercials and it is so funny! The 3rd season comes today and I can't wait to sit down with my hubby and laugh tonight! (We always watch after the kiddos are in bed)


  1. I have season one in queue with NF now, too. I have to watch the other two girly flicks and hope that it comes FAST. I think that show is hilarious. I can't look at Steve and not laugh. His face is funny.

  2. Oh Jamie! We are huge Office fans here! We both possess the type of humor that gets a huge riot out of this show!! And, Reed works in an office that possess most of The Office characters! hehe.. One day we actually pinpointed who everyone in his office was on The Office. Bummer though, Reed kind of tends to lean toward stick in the mud, Toby. He also does part time HR at his office, so he's gotta be that way sometimes. Too funny!

  3. Sarah, that is hilarious, Toby is great though, his little girl is adorable, I loved the show where she loved Michael and he liked her too!! (Bring your daughter to work one)

    Sarah, I love Steve, he's so funny, yet cute too. I loved him in "Dan in Real Life"!

  4. I've got all the seasons. We are the number one fans. I watched the kissing scene MANY times. Spolier -- there will be more scenes that you will repeatedly watch.

  5. Addicted with a capital A.

    My kids like to watch the youtube of the Jim and Dwight wars.

    Bear, beets, Battlestar Galatica!

  6. This is the one show that we will watch. We always watch on TBS on Tuesday nights from 9-10 pm (there are back-to-back episodes). They are reruns, as we never have the kids in bed by 8 on Thursdays when the new ones come on. We LOVE the Office!! I also LOVED Dan in Real Life and would love to own that someday. Love you! Gotta keep cleaning for the inlaws tomorrow!

  7. Jaime, hubby and I watch this show sometimes and we both agree it's very entertaining. But now hubby is on his "we don't need tv" kick and plans on giving my Mom the rabbit ears tomorrow. Oh no! We won't be able to watch this funny show anymore!

    Is this show out on dvd yet? How many seasons so far? Just wondering!

    Jaime because I think you're awesome and I love your blog, I would like to give you an award. When you get a chance, please stop over at my blog to pick it up and pass it on to five more people. Thanks! Enjoy!

    P.S. Today my hubby and I did our First Saturday devotion at a beautiful old church with such lovely statues of the Saints. I prayed for you, baby, and your family.

    May God Bless you!

    Maria :)

  8. Oh, I have that DVD _ Dan In Real Life. It was good - really good. Dan is my hubs name. Just some trivia to make it interesting (my comment, I mean).


  9. Yes, Maria, it is on DVD, I think 4 or 5 seasons, not sure though, we just started watching season 3 Friday night.

    Thank you so much for your prayers, I had lots of gagging, dry heaves today!

  10. LOVE the Office as well. We are watching the seasons on DVD as well. Such fun!
    Hope you are feeling good today.


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