Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine Crafts

This one I saw at Art Projects For Kids! The girls loved doing this together! The colors are so vibrant, we might have to frame these!
Here's our craft wall coming together! These people are made with a big pink head shape, connected to two pieces of paper, cut the long way, big enough to look like arms, then their own hand shapes on the ends! They loved making these too!

Lots of painting, in Valentine colors, red, pink, purple and white.

Marble Painting, I've shown this before, but here it is in Valentine colors and shapes!
Just pick your colors of paint, cut out your shapes, put in a box and either drop the paint onto the shapes or dip the marbles in paint and drop the marbles in. My kids like to use several marbles for a more marbled look, but you can also use only one marble. We drop the paint in using the colors they pick, it goes much faster and is much cleaner than dropping the marbles in paint first.

Heart designs!
Hearts on a string! I used scrapbooking paper (I buy it for crafts) and picked beautiful colors and cut them out and punched 2 holes at the top and strung yarn through!
Love Bugs!
Valentine Holders, made from paper plates. This will be our craft at our Valentine party, so each child will have a holder for their Valentines.
We also have a few more crafting we are planning on doing today, but we'll see, we are planning on celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes too, but I am an "after" poster, so pictures will have to be later, if at all!!


  1. I remember making a Valentine bug when I was a kid. Folding the legs! I like the "pink heads" and arms.

    Your place is decorated and ready for a perfect Valentines Party!!!

  2. Very cute crafts! I like the marble painting!!! Way cool! You're so darling I can hardly stand it! My grandpa used to say cold hands, warm heart to me all the time - I have seriously shivery hands!!! BUT, my hubs calls me his heating pad - I warm up something ridiculous at night and he likes to snuggle and then I sweat - gross!!

  3. What great crafts! I bet your kids are having a lot of fun making all these cute things! We just finished making valentines for the girls' school, and I think I need a nap! LOL At ages 4 and 6, they still need quite a bit of help, and then the 3 year old wants to make some and the twins are getting into everything ... Anyway, I better go rest up for the little feast day craft I planned for this afternoon ;-) Grace and peace to you! P.S. We made that Valentine tree that you posted awhile ago. It turned out so cute! Thanks for the idea!

  4. Since you first mentioned the site Art Projects For Kids!, I've been following it. The ideas are so simple, and I absolutely love and need the directions. While I enjoy creating projects, I need a shove most times. Art projects are a real lesson in patience for this mom!

    The kids' creations look beautiful & will be a nice addition to your art wall. BTW, we have started our own art wall - masking tape works well. I've only had one paper fall off so far.

  5. Great job! I really need make a run to the craft store and stack up on supplies!

  6. Wow! Jamie!!! What fun crafts you've been doing with your kiddos!! I bet they are having a blast! Hope your St. Valentine's Day is wonderful! =)

  7. do you think we could come over???
    oh rats, i forgot you live so darn far away.........
    what cute, cute crafts. don't you just love the paint everywhere? my dining room table has black and green paint all over the place and guess what? i think it is GREAT! it adds to my rustic decor.

    ps. that tree you asked about is in bloom, california trees and flowers are seriously mixed up right now, thinking it is spring.
    but want to know something funny about that is gorgeous, it had been calling me to take its' picture for days, but it actually stinks!!


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