Friday, February 6, 2009


I have to clarify my position on the babysitter thing. We do have a wonderful babysitter that we always get if we go out (we try to go once a month). She is our old neighbor girl and she is what I want my girls to grow up and be like, she is wonderful! If we can't get her, we don't go out. She plays with the kids and they look so forward to her coming. You can see her here. The going rate here in MN is $2/hr per child, so at $8 an hour, we don't go out often and I cannot pay her less, she is totally worth it, just to have someone who really knows the kids and who they love.

For my doctor appointments, I try my husband first, if he can't, I try my friend Lisa, who I totally trust with my kids, I also have gotten to know my neighbor Jeanne really well and totally trust her too. My mom is another one I know I can call if I have to. I just hate asking "Can you come watch my 4 kids?" I know it's hard and a lot of work and just hard to put people out.

My friend Lisa has been calling and asking when my appts are and seeing if they work for her, which is really nice. My neighbor found out my ultrasound is Monday and she just insisted on watching the kids for it. God has graced my life with wonderful people and we do just fine.

I also prefer people to do it at my house, because we just have everything and when there's 3 girls and one boy, well, the boy has something he can do when the girls monopolize the time. I also know my house is totally babyproofed and safe.

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  1. I need to find someone near us, now that we've moved. No more going to the trusted and tried family I've used for years. Grandma is near, but like you, I don't like to over-use that option.


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