Thursday, February 5, 2009

6 Things You Might Not Know About Me Meme

I was tagged by Tina for this one. I did something like this a while back, here's the link, but I will try to think of different ones.

I, too, am not going to post the rules, but if you want to play, please play along and post 6 things on your blog too!!

  1. I hate answering the phone. I am not good at calling people. I do try to call anyone back who has called me though. We do screen our calls, mostly because those who come up as "unknown caller" to avoid those darn telemarketers!
2. I have watched many people's kids, but rarely have let them return the favor. I am just too picky. I also have a hard time letting people help me out. Actually, thinking about it, people never really ask to return the favor. I wonder why?
3. I see no reason to go on vacation if it's not warm and there's no beach and if I can't bring my kids.
4. I only completed 1 1/2 years of college. And was kicked out or suspended because of bad grades. I didn't care at the time, I thought "I'm paying you and you are kicking me out!" So young and dumb, I was. I was working full time and just didn't care enough to try hard enough.
5. I have a strong conscience that makes things very black and white for me. No gray area with right and wrong. Which gives me very high expectations of the friends I choose and actually do things with. (I didn't learn to listen to this conscience back when I was younger, see #4) If things don't feel right with my conscience, I know they are wrong.
6. I was never ever good in sports. I tried a few things, but either didn't like it or was not good. I really wanted to be a cheerleader, but couldn't, still can't and never will do a cartwheel. So tryouts were really a joke. I was, however great at aerobics and walking!
There. Done. Now you know what a true dork I really am.


  1. Hey- just stopping in to say hello! I've been keeping up with you, just not able to comment too much. But, I had to say that I do hope you have twins!
    I think they are pretty special. ;)
    It was something I guess I never thought about because I just assumed a young person without fertility problems and no history of twins in the family would just never have them.
    What a fun surprise it was, though, at 8 weeks to see two little beating hearts on the screen. A moment I will never forget, for sure!!
    You would make a GREAT mom of twins.

  2. "DORK????!!!" You are NOT a dork. I am a dork. Totally dorkiness going for me!

    You have it all together! Look at all you do for homeschooling!

    I hope I qualify as a friend!!!!!;)
    I do enjoy our time together....when we do get together.

    By the way, totally OK to be picky. My dh and I never go anywhere either because we will not let anyone watch the kids. Just grandparents.

  3. Jamie,
    we have a lot in common, so I must be a dork too. The phone thing, that's me. The thing with others watching your kids, that's me (we don't even let the grandparents watch them, only my mom and it has to be at our house and only because there is no other option if we must go somewhere, like the hospital!) The sport thing, me again. I like to play and have fun, but just get intimidated around others that are good or to competitive. I have learned to be particular about who I spend my time with also. Like the saying goes: you are who you hang with.

  4. None of these suprises me. Despite your pickiness, you make a great friend and Catholic. But what does surpise me is that you know me, and still want to be MY friend.

    One friend to another... You're nothing near being a dork, I do want to watch your kids for you (and have offered), I do wonder why you don't answer when I call, I do wish you'd let me do something nice for you (without that look you give me), and I hope you'll be just a little cautious with those high expectations of friends (because I live with shades of gray).

  5. Fun facts! Thanks for sharing! Oh, and I don't like answering the phone either! Ha!

  6. i don't answer the phone much either. i am so glad to have caller id! and other people watching my kids? nope, not that either. my SIL got offended a few weeks ago, asked my DH why i never let her take my littlest son, he replied-that's just the way she feels-i don't like ANYONE except my parents to watch our kids. and then i hate to bother them, which is why we rarely go anywhere!
    beaches, warm weather....come on out here!!! we've got both!

    and i am a REAL the flesh. proud of it! =)

  7. Our kids are precious, so we should be extra careful who we leave them with, if we so choose. I have left my kids with sitters (we teach NFP & they can't all come with - that's where it started), but the young girls we chose were from a solid Catholic family & they even said night prayers with the kids! Other than that, it's only grandparents (and only mine if over a Sunday morning).

    Otherwise, I don't like phone calls (go email and texting!). I freely admit I didn't inherit the athletic genes in my family. Can't wait for my 20 yr reunion this summer to really prove how dorky I am!!


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