Friday, September 11, 2009

Homemade Treasures!

My Mother-in-law has talents beyond any imagination that I even can comprehend! She sews Raggedy Ann's for all the girls and I think is working on a Raggedy Andy for a certain boy...
She sewed Sweetie Pie these beautiful PJ's and doll and booties!!

Isn't this doll, just the cutest thing?
These booties are just precious!!
Melissa, sewed me this beautiful nursing shawl to cover up with when nursing in public! (it's sewed with Raggedy material!)
Suzie, sewed me this beautiful, soft, flowery, blanket for Sweetie Pie!
Again, my mother-in-law knit this beautiful back-pack for Mary Hannah!
This is a 4 generation picture of my husband and his mother and grandma. His grandma is 94 and lifts weights to keep her strength up!! She still chopped wood until a few years ago!! She's an amazing, beautiful woman! Tom's birthday is shared with our Blessed Mother's and our goddaughter Eva, on September 8th! (he's 42) Mine is the next day, so it is a whirlwind of phone calls, visits and desserts!! Add a new baby and it was a really crazy couple of days!!
My mom has taken up painting for a hobby the last few years and painted this for Tom and I for our birthdays!
I have no talent, really, I can't sing, I can't dance, I can't even do a cartwheel! I think it is God's way of making me humble. I used to be thin and pretty, God is making me humble. (at least I tell myself that!)
Talented people! Wow, I admire all of you, you are amazing!
(I pictured another homemade gift in the previous post, check it out!)
I was also given a homemade afghan made of beautiful, soft white yarn, made by one of my husband's client's mothers. We are saving it for Baptism at which time I will show pictures of it!


  1. What lovely, homemade treasures your precious baby has received! Oh, and those Raggedy Ann dolls and the knitted backpack are super cute, too =) Have a blessed weekend!

  2. Wow! What treasures, indeed. You've got some talented friends and family, that's for sure.
    You aren't talented? hmm...I disagree. I think you are gifted beyond belief and while it may not come out in an artsy/crafty sort of way, trust me, I've stood in awe of you since literally the first time I saw you at daily Mass. Your sweetness and heart of gold have always been something I've admired from afar. You never know what gifts you bring to others' lives, even if they aren't in the form of handmade sewn treasures!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Oh, 2nd Sarah, you brought tears to my eyes, thank you so much, you are too kind.

  4. OK...where is a picture of my Mexican dish????? Just kidding. I am not only in awe of people who can make all that stuff but where do they find the time?? Ya see when I have time I want to do selfish things like read a fun book, watch a movie that I like, go biking, walking or roller blading. IF I get time I want to catch up on pictures. So... I also am amazed when people sacrifice their time to serve others.

    I think you are a super friend to me and that is amazing!

  5. Well, I think you still are pretty!!! Who wants thin any more, really? I used to think I did, but I'm happy and (even though I have this cold thing right now) healthy.
    There is definite talent floating about and I'm sure you have some. Look at those themed parties you have and you are raising your kids to be God-fearing, and that's a lot in and of itself!!

  6. My raggedy Ann doll was my favorite when I was little. Nice to see that they are still popular with little girls!

  7. Jaime,

    Wow, I LOVE this homemade treasures post! I'm sorry I haven't contributed much to your blog lately nor written much on my own blog, but I feel I don't have much to contribute. I can't share cute photos of my children or the cute things they do.

    Today the husband and I visited this beautiful St. Ann church and shrine near us. We had the blessing of going to Confession. After I prayed a special prayer to St. Anne for a child and made an offering to the church. I recently read a wonderful story how one older couple who met on another Catholic Singles website were told by one doctor that they could not have a child. Well, this couple continued to pray, offer up their sufferings, and make offerings for Masses said and guess what? The wife who is now 41 or 42 is now pregnant!

    As you know, I've been told by doctors my chances of pregnancy are either non existent or very low. However I have decided to try to put my trust in God. I know He can do what these doctors cannot do! So I am going to have some Masses said, make some offerings, and pray more asking the Saints to pray and intercede for my husband and me too.

    Even though things look kind of bleak, I have to keep trying. I don't want to be fifty years old and think back and have regrets that I didn't try everything I could do.

    It doesn't help either that several celebrities are on the covers of magazines promoting the fact that they are in their forties and used technologies which are against the teachings of the church to conceive their children. I am asked all the time by some people "Why don't you and Ed try this? Or try this?" Why not? Because it goes against the teachings of the church and no matter how much I want to be a Mother, I am NOT going to offend God and lose my soul and heaven. No way!!

    I do LOVE visiting your blog and hearing your thoughts on motherhood, seeing the cute photos of your children, and hearing the cute things they do. They brighten my day. Thank you so much, Jaime!

    I am not sure what to do about my blog. I am so tired of talking about infertility/endometriosis on the blog. I am taking a little vacation from my blog for now.

    Thinking of you Jaime and your beautiful family! You are always in my prayers!

    May God Bless you.


  8. How beautiful all of those treasures are! And I agree with 2nd Sarah as well about your gifts!

  9. What talented family members!
    My grandma is also 94 and lifting weights. Although, she is so little that they are Campbell's soup cans! :) It's awesome to have those wonderful ladies still with us, isn't it?
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the header picture of the five kids. Beautiful!!!

  10. Jaime,

    Okay I never met you, but I have had the blessing of corresponding with you a few times and I've been a frequent visitor to your blog. I think you have many gifts.

    You are a devoted and faithful wife to your husband.

    You are a very loving and caring Mother dedicated to your beautiful five children. The kind of Mother I hope and pray to be someday.

    You are loved by many and you are a caring sweet friend. You are always thinking of your family and friends! It is such a blessing to call you a friend!

    You have a deep devotion to the Blessed Mother and the Rosary. You have a strong love for God and the faith! You encourage and inspire us who read your blog to learn more about God and the faith. Thank you for this!

    You are a strong prayer warrior especially the rosary!

    Oh yes, I think you are a very talented and gifted, lovely lady, wonderful wife, and terrific Mom! You remind me so much of the Blessed Mother and her love and devotion to her family!

    May God Bless you!


  11. Jamie - I see all the crafts you do with your kids - the banking, the butterfly party theme, the gardening.... You are talented beyond belief. You have the perfect talents from God to be you. Enjoy them :) - Heidi

    P.S. I dont know how to have an account here so that is why it's "annonymous" lol

  12. Make that Baking....(not banking, though I'm sure you do that too!)...


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