Friday, September 4, 2009

Mary Hannah is 5!

Finally 5!! She is the last of the kid birthdays, September 2nd. And she has been waiting and waiting and waiting!!
While I nurse the baby, I love to watch cooking shows and while watching Paula Deen bake a bundt cake, Mary Hannah said "Wow! Look at that giant doughnut!!" SO, we had to make a bundt cake for her birthday, which Grandma helped her bake! Here she is holding her new Wal-Mart fake American doll, which she named Crystal Light. But, she will inform you it's only "Crystal", Light is only her last name. Hmmm...wonder what mom drinks?

She has really changed since the baby has been born, she helps so much and is so loving and wonderful with the baby. She will do anything to get her turn to hold Sweetie Pie! Her cute freckles make her so kissable whether she likes that or not!

Space Aliens for birthday tokens, games and fun!

Sweetie Pie slept through the whole party!

Mary Hannah does have a sense of humor, she is yelling "I'm being electrocuted by an alien, heeeeelp!"

On the Friday before I had the baby, August 21st, we had her birthday party with her friends, as I knew I would not be up to much after the baby. She picked a butterfly theme. She picked all the colors of everything and did not want a theme butterfly cake, she only wanted cupcakes with butterflies on them. She has it all set in her mind.

Butterflies and flowers everywhere!

I was worried she would grab the presents and not remember to thank each child, but she was sooo happy and immediately hugged each girl after opening their present, saying "This is just what I wanted!" It was really precious to watch! She had 3 little friends over and with our 3 girls, well, it was a perfect party!

The girls were the butterflies and sipped nectar out of their flowers!

I forgot to load a picture of the butterfly pinata, our craft, butterfly tatoos and the treasure hunt, but trust me, they were done and they were fun!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Mary Hannah! The party looks lovely, Jamie. Amazing work for someone who was just about to deliver a baby! WOW! Continued prayers for you and your entire family.

  2. What a darling theme party and a very happy and blessed birthday to your darling girl! She acted just like a lovely lady, too!!

    Thanks for another pic of Sweetie Pie. Cherish!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to a sweet little girl. 5 wow that is amazing how fast she grew up! I remember when she was an itty bitty little girl.

    Great party and I love all the butterflys and flowers. So girly!

    Such a good baby girl sleeping!

  4. Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a great day!!!

  5. What a fun bday! It is SO CUTE Jamie! Love the flowers and butterflies! That giant doughnut does look awfully yummy. Where did you get the butterflies on the cupcakes? I was thinking of butterflies for Lily's bday in a few weeks.
    Oh, and Sweetie Pie..what a doll! That beautiful skin and precious hair!! Give her a hug from me that little Cutie!

  6. Great party, love the cupcakes!

  7. Sarah--Sam's Club cupcakes...actually the day we picked up the cupcakes, they were out of the regular butterflies and asked if we'd want those big giant ones...I was starting to tear up, but then realized that Mary Hannah, actually liked the big giant ones better than the regular pretty butterflies that were supposed to go on each cupcake!! I'd borrow ours but each girl took theirs home! I've only seen one laying around since the party!

  8. You should be a party planner. Your birthdays always look so special and God bless your BEAUTIFUL daughter!

  9. Happy Birthday!! What a FUN party!! And the baby is SO SO SO SO CUTE!!!!!


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