Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Not Wordless Wednesday

It's not "Wordless Wednesday" if you've already posted a post with words, right?
Sleeping babe for Christine
Don't worry, after the pictures were taken, we put pillows under her and she then, fell on them and stayed sleeping on the floor for another 15 minutes!!
Tired baby!


  1. Love it! Don't you wish you could crash like that? I know I do. :)

  2. She is so puuurty. Give her lots of kisses on her sweet sleepy cheek.

    I would lub lub lub to visit, however, I have sick kids. 2 tested positive for strep this morning. My mom is coming this weekend and I am having Christmas with my Dad sylvie and ellie on monday night. The house is messy, no Christmas cards sent yet, want to bake something, need to shop for my moms meal and salad for sylvie. Never get out on the weekend to shop. I think next week will work better and I want to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk.....

    babe is fun to hang with but not too good with conversation.

    lub to you!

  3. I love how they just crash and burn like that.
    I got a pic of Rachel once where she was standing/leaning on the sofa and just dropped right on the spot with her body over the sofa and still standing.

    What a cutie you got. ;)


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