Friday, March 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 8)

Joining Jen again on this Friday with 7 not so quick things:
Mardi Gras.
I don't get it.
I don't get how or why Catholics celebrate it.
I am a black and white person.
No gray here.
(although, I like gray t-shirts)
I don't like the "party til the end" attitude thing.
When my dad first started fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays,
he would feast the night before up til midnight
then, on fasting days,
he'd eat a whole loaf of bread,
because he fasted on bread and water.
He does it differently now.
No gray
Take me as I am
I just don't get Mardi Gras.
The actual Mardi Gras is an event full of sinful activities.
we don't celebrate it.
I just can't get into it.
I want to always be ready

Fish on Friday during Lent
(taken from my "The Little Black Book" daily 6 minute reflections for Lent)
it was 1962, Lou Groen owned a McDonald's in predominantly Catholic Montfort Heights, near Cincinnati, Ohio. During Lent, Catholics didn't eat meat on Friday, and Groen watched his customers flock to a nearby restaurant for their fish sandwich. So Groen (himself a Catholic) decided to create his own fish sandwich. He cut up halibut, dipped the pieces in batter and fried them. Groen was so happy with his sandwich that he travelled to Chicago and suggested that Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald's, add it to the menu.
Kroc was not impressed.
But Groen didn't give up. Finally Kroc made him a wager. McDonald's would try out Groen's fish sandwich on the menu for Good Friday, as well as a hula burger Kroc was developing. They would see which sandwich had the higher sales, and that sandwich would be added to the menu.
On Good Friday, Groen sold 350 of his fish sandwiches. Kroc never said how many hula burgers he sold (one source said he sold only six), and the fillet-of-fish became part of the McDonald's menu in 1965.
Today, customers eat more than 300 million of McDonald's fillet-of-fish sandwiches each year, and it is considered the world's best-selling fish sandwich.

Just fyi, I found this very interesting!

Parks and Recreation
We've been watching this via Netflix.
We love it
Dare I say even more than The Office?
It's hilarious.
We're on the 2nd season right now.

I am reading this novel right now.
I don't usually read fiction
but I am enjoying it and it's a hard one to put down.
I give it a thumbs up!!

Carrot tops!
We are growing a carrot top!
Ballerina Rosie had this as one of her Science experiments.
I have to say, usually our home experiments don't work out that well.
This one, worked!
Wouldn't it be neat, if we could re-grow carrots as we ate them?
Too bad only the top grows again.

This is what our floor looks like after play dough play.

Jedi's Birthday
We celebrated by going to some snow mountains
at an abandoned Wal-mart parking lot.
I think they dumped snow from all over town there.
Mountains everywhere!
We came back to our house for ice cream dessert cake (his pick)
I think you can click on the pictures for a better view....
It was a balmy 33 degrees and sunny!

He and his buddy! (soaking wet from snowball fighting)

The snow is slooooooooooooly melting away......
Look at these littles!!
Aren't they just adorable?

Look at these biggies...uh, I mean,
I am woman!! Hear me roar!!!!
Susie's van's battery went out
I saved the day!
One of the few things I know about cars
is how to charge a battery!
(although, shh!! We did have to call my husband to see which to put on first, positive or negative and a couple other questions about that--but Shh!! We still did it!)
So, the previous post is for us women,
who Roar!
Youtube wouldn't let me edit it to put it in this post...
Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. Great quick takes. Thanks for the info on the fish sandwich, I never knew. We do celebrate the night before Ash Wednesday, on Shrove Tuesday. We invite about 5 families we are close to and we eat decadent pancakes. I think it's a good mix of celebration before the season of Lent and yet not going hog sinful wild like a Mardi gras.

  2. ROAR! Way to go smart women! I can't even find my scraper...I have no idea where the cables are. Way to go.

    Wondering if you did experiment with Jedis cake. I just made jonahs and added a layer of cookies and fudge. Since I will be making this often it would be fun to spice it up a bit.


    Love the family pics at the bottom of the blog. I just noticed them.

    Snow should be gone by next week!

  3. Christine, I did experiment with the cake!!

    I used the peanut butter ice cream sandwiches on the bottom layer, then a hot fudge (not hot though) layer with Reece's PB miniature cups,chopped (2 bags) and then whipped topping, then a layer of plain ice cream sandwiches, cool whip and Heath pieces on top.

    Next time I think I'd use the Peanut butter sandwiches on the top layer too. Didn't know if he'd want those, but he did!!

    No slipping and sliding this time with the top layer, thanks for reminding me to add something to that middle layer, I like your idea of cookies too!

  4. So . . . what goes on first: positive or negative? Educate me (the rest of us). I always forget that important bit.

    Happy Bday Jedi!

    Sick of snow yet?

    Agree about Mardi Gras and Parks and Recreation (I need to netflix the seasons).

    Love the McD's fish sandwich - I've been known to order/eat it not on Friday's!

  5. OK, Sarah, first of all, YUCK! Don't like the fish sandwich.

    Doesn't matter which one you put on first, just don't let them touch!! I did put on the positive first though. Negative can attach to any metal, not necessarily the battery.

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