Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Few Words Wednesday

(and there's more coming)

3 days til Mexico....


  1. I wanna come to Mexico tooooooooo! This snow stuff is getting a little long. Ava and I were getting outside and walking around. Babies cannot walk around in snow.

    Enjoying a day off of school today with the kids.

    I bet you are all ready to go. Post a pic of Mexico so I can say a send off greeting..."Have a great trip!!" and enjoy the sun sun sun and sand sand sand and warm warm warm etc.....

  2. Soooo excited for you. Take lots of pictures and have a margarita for me!

    God speed.

  3. I am sitting here feeling guilty for the perfect weather we are having here in NC and there with that awful white stuff. Surely everyone out here is cheering that you and your lovely family will be away from that mess soon to enjoy some warm wonderful experiences in Mexico. Have loads of fun and bring back lots of pictures.


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