Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun In the Heat

 Shaving cream and hose play....

 Lots of tea parties...
 (with minimal spills)
 Lots of ice cream and orange dreamsicles...
 Sprinkler fun...
 Hmmmm.....what are they doing?
 There she goes!!

 Lots of water...
 Lots of Mr. Freezies...
Probably too many cartoons, too much popcorn 
lots of playing inside this week too.  
Now, hopefully we are back to normal...humidity is normal for today at least!


  1. my kids have been enjoying a ton of those orange dreamsicles, too. :)

    Happy Summertime!!

  2. We are in triple digit temps through sunday so no one is outside unless they have to be. Really enjoyed your pictures a lot.

  3. OH CUTE CUTE CUTE kids and sweetie-pie is growing up so fast. Where did our babies go? Lub her little top-knot ponytail on her head.

    Looks like you guys had a ton of fun.

    Today was a pretty good day. Had an ortho. appt. for Jonah and my little toddler didn't feel like getting out of her Elmo PJ's. I brought the cutest outfit to change her in we go to see Mr. Ortho in our PJ's.

    Please oh Please nobody judge me. My babe does have clothes. And very cute ones. She was probably mad getting woken up and plopped into her carseat.

    Your pics are fun to see!

  4. What fun! I need to get the shaving cream out over here:) I loved that cartoon that your friend sent you! That popped corn is what I feel like sometimes, especially in the heat when our car A/C went out this week! I feel old and can't deal with the heat like I used to;)

  5. It's so wonderful that it's summer yet the humidity and heat can make outdoor play uncomfortable! We've had a number of indoor days for that same reason. My son is however, going camping with the scouts this weekend and it'll be warm but it should be under the 100 degree mark.


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