Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Total Consecration!!

Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary 
starts today!!
Consecration is on the Feast of the Assumption, August 15th.
Will you join me?
(I think this is my 16th year!)


  1. I love that you remind us every year to do this. I really want to renew mine, so I will try this year again. Hopefully I have the will power to make it through. It's so worth it!

  2. Jamie Jo you are so dependable keeping us posted when important dates are near. Thanks.

  3. Oh I wish I had seen this post on Wednesday! The Rosary Army posted on FB about the Total Consecration to JESUS through Mary, and I wanted to do it. But then I pulled out the book that a friend had given me and it said Total Consecration to MARY (and nothing about Jesus). So I backed out. Can you explain a little more about it?

    You helped me understand wearing the scapular a while back, so I'm interested in your thoughts about it. And maybe I'll start it the next cycle.

    Thanks! :)

  4. Leaving another comment so I can get the follow-up comments emailed to me :)

  5. Katy-
    If you do the St Louis De Montfort Consecration, the end is always Jesus. He explains it in his book, "True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin"

    Which goes along with "Total Consecration"

    See the difference is devotion is for Mary, we show a love and devotion for her, but the end must always lead to Jesus, the end, the consecration is always to Jesus, through her.

    I read a long time ago, that Jesus came to us through Mary, so we also must go through her to Him.

    That is not to confuse any non Catholic readers, she, Mary, is only the mediatrix between Jesus and us, but the mediatrix between God the Father and us is the Son, Jesus, only Jesus.

    It's deep.
    "True Devotion" is deep and should be read in little bits at a time, at least for this scatter brained mama!

    Katy, a good idea would be to get True Devotion first and get started, because it's kind of long and hard to do with Total Consecration.

    Another word of warning, is it is kind of confusing as you are reading it, you will say to yourself, I already know this, why am I doing this? BUT in the end, I promise, it all comes together.

    Every year, I get something different out of it. Either from one of the readings or just what God wants me to learn or change about myself.

    The graces are beyond explanation, they are felt and needed each year.

    You can go here:

    for a better explanation than I'm giving.

    "True Devotion" really gives a good explanation too, to be able to know the difference and they why you'd want to do this.

    You can start to end on any Marion feast day, even her birthday, September 8th, just know it's 33 days of preparation, so 33 days before any feast day.

    The next one they list starts on November 5th, to end on December 8th, the Immaculate Conception.

    Hope that helps....glad to hear the scapular info helped, especially today, the feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel...the kiddos got new scapulars today!! :)

  6. Katy, I wrote about it a little here:

    I might have to take that book out again and write another post.

  7. Thank you so much for your response! Going to read over it all and pull out the books for a closer look. I appreciate you taking the time :)

  8. You know Jamie, I have never done this nor heard of it. I'm heading over to the rosary army link for more details. Thank you for posting about this even for us Catholics!


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