Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Boys!

 "Size matters not" (Yoda, Star Wars)
"I am your brother!"
 "You will now look at mom and smile!"
 "Good, my young apprentice!"

"May the force be with you!"

The theme is "Boys" over at Clan Donaldson
and Cari suggested we play around with our photos!
(I tried)
I have bookend boys and I love it!!
I love having a boy for the oldest, he's so protective and loving.
I also love having another boy after 4 girls, he's been such a blessing to us all
especially his big brother!  
(who is teaching him what all young Jedi must know)

Thankful for my boys this Thursday!


  1. Adorable!! I love watching my big boys (16 and 13) with my little guy (20 months) too. :o)

    1. It is fun! It's teaching them to be wonderful fathers someday!

  2. Precious! They look so different from each other. Did your oldest have lighter hair when he was a baby?

    1. No! He has a natural tan all year skin too! Simeon is our first red/blonde/baldy! Everyone else had darker hair, although 2 of the girls get pretty light in the summer.

      It amazes me how different all the kiddos are. Reminds me of God's magnificent Creation every time I look at them!

  3. Love love love. Sims and Jedi will be buddies forever!

  4. You dont need to mess with the colors at all!
    The orange shirts by the blue door is a color splash!

    Boys are pretty sweet to have.

    Fun to see Sims. I miss seeing him!

    1. I could mess with that blue door and make it bluer!

  5. To say you are blessed is the understatement of the year. Always love to see pictures of your awesome family.

  6. Cute boys! I don't have bookends like that but I can see how it would be a special relationship. You are blessed!

  7. Love the pictures! You can feel how much love there is between those brothers.

  8. When I learned I was having a boy my heart beat backwards I'm sure of it. I had two girls and I knew girls, and I had girl things and what was I going to do with a boy?! I was terrified!
    My friend and doctor (mother of 2 boys) said..."you'll see-- it's the beginning of a whole new love affair."
    "Boy", was she right!!

  9. What sweet brothers they are- you can tell they both adore each other. Love those smiles- such handsome fellows!

  10. So cute! I have bookend girls, and my husband jokingly said to someone that it was "time to put up another shelf!"

  11. Now that is cute. I love your bookends and how sweet they are together. Made me smile this morning.

  12. So sweet!! I love that brother relationship!
    It warms my heart to see them!


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