Thursday, April 18, 2013


Laying down with my girls at bedtime brings up fun conversations 
and gives me peeks inside their hearts.
"When I grow up, I will come visit you every day, except when I'm really busy."

"Why will you be so busy?"

Looking shocked, "I'm going to have kids, you know."

"Well, I'll come and help you on those busy days then, maybe I'll come do your laundry, or
cook a meal for you, or watch the kids for you.  I know, I'll come over
on your really busy days and watch your kids and you can go do whatever you 
want to do!"

Big smile.
Big kisses.
Big hugs.
Oh, the love in this little girls heart, it overflows.

And I overflow with such gratitude that God would entrust such souls to me.



  1. this Jamie those stop and be in the moment moments, don't you? And she will remember that forever and one day do it herself with her own little one and she will say, "You know...your Grandma Jamie Jo used to do this very same thing with me when I was a little girl!" Do you ever think about that stuff, or am I the only overly sentimental one?! : ) Have a nice day, friend...

    1. Nope, I think about things like that all the time. Its all part of being Mama!

  2. Awwwww, having little girls is such a blessing. They just say the sweetest things and melt your heart. My girls love it when we count the fairies on their wall before bed and then they make us "sleep" on them. Its really cute. We have to cherish these moments while we can, because one day they won't ask us to do it anymore and we will wish we still had just one more day of their sweet little rituals.

  3. So sweet. I find myself replaying these moments over and over as the kids keep growing and growing. I often think of the scripture verse that referred to Mary and says something like "she kept all of these things in her heart."I think that's from the Bible any way. I remember it often as I watch my children.

  4. I like what Sarah said about keeping all these things in her heart.
    so true.

    All those sweet mama/baby/child/kid/teen moments are so precious.

    So lucky to be a mama too!
    so blessed.

  5. I love these moments, and they are truly the ones we will always cherish and ponder the goodness of.

    What beautiful girls you have- like their mama!

  6. That was surely a moment in time to treasure forever and I am so happy you shared it with us. Is that a current photo? We are already in the high 80's here in NC.

  7. I think that means you're doing a great job!


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