Friday, April 26, 2013

Thankful April

 April is almost over and I am so very Thankful for that!
After a week of serious posts, 
Here, and here, and here,
I thought you might enjoy a little
  a lot of light heartedness!
Thankful for sweet moments like this one,
 he's always so happy to see everyone in the morning!
Thankful we had some mud pie days in April
 Thankful for icicles to play with (in April)
 Thankful for rubber boots, they get a workout!
 Thankful for lunch at the counter!
I realize as these kids are getting older and not fitting as good,
these days are numbered where they can all fit here! 

 Thankful for Pinterest finds like this craft for the Easter Season!

 Thankful that plain ol' boxes can give so much joy and play time!
(Simeon got a new car seat!)
 Thankful for horsey rides and
 Thankful these 2 girls play like crazy together!
 Thankful we got to see tons of robins one day
 Thankful they stayed, even when it snowed the next day....
 a TON!
Thankful the kids made the best of the snow in APRIL
 and made huge forts and snowballs...
 Thankful Simeon is now eating normal food
and his arm guards are gone!
 Thankful for hand me down outfits like this one 
that have gone through all 4 girls!
 Thankful Tom had help taking apart our basement bathroom,
we had to take the shower unit out (all day job) and the toilet...
and empty the basement, (we are finishing this weekend)
to prepare it for a tile-drain system, guaranteed for 40 years to not flood!

 Thankful for little babes....and moments like this...
 Thankful for another Pinterest worked, but was messy!
 Thankful messy is good sometimes...
 Thankful for homemade granola! 

 Thankful for babies in the sink!  
(I will be so sad when he's too big for the sink)
 Thankful we did make the best of the last giant snowfall we got,
just a week ago, and made Peanut Butter Cookies, hot cocoa,
and popcorn, watched a movie and made
Thankful for the SUN!
These girls actually got sunburned, 
from the sun and glare off the snow
 Thankful they love it outside, they were out for over 3 hours!
 Thankful for muffin Mondays...
 Thankful for vegetable soup!  
I've been eating it all week!  
(I love veggies!)
chicken broth,
Basil, pepper,
minced garlic,
 all the low cal veggies I had that would last all week!
(Carrots, onions, green pepper, celery, green beans)
 Thankful this little boy is always on the move,
 his hair, hands or feet are almost always a blur!
Now, you CAN'T tell me that is not red hair!!
 Thankful we finally got Sims to wear a hat, he needs this for shade!
 Thankful it's probably because his favorite person in the world wears a hat!
 Thankful for a new venture, in unicycling!
She loves it and is such a quick learner! 
We'll be seeing her in parades all summer!
Thankful this is today, the snow is melted off the trampoline,
it's 58 degrees out, and Tom promised the kids once it  hit 60,
we were going to the DQ--
I"m off to enjoy this beautiful, long awaited spring day!!

If you are still here after all that,
Happy weekend everyone, God bless you!


  1. I am crossing my fingers for 60 for you. I have the fondest memories of DQ with my family! I love your sweet family so much, is that weird to say? You just are so honest and truthful but have the ability to findthe joy in the moments. Clearly that gift is rubbing off on your kiddos because they look equally joyful!

  2. Oh my gosh, Simeon looks so so so good! That first picture is my favorite!

  3. As always, wonderful "thankfulness"! I can't believe how much Sims has grown. He looks AMAZING and so much happier! God bless modern medicine and surgeons! Have a wonderful weekend. Sean is working all weekend so no fun for us. Stupid Galaxy S4 launch!!!! How dare it make my husband work on a

  4. Oh Jamie JO...that was so much fun! I am thankful to have found you and feel like I am almost a part of your beautiful family! Have a wonderful weekend, friend!

  5. Such sweetness- love how the sisters love their brothers and the brothers love their sisters!

    And your soup looks YUMMO. Gosh, I think I just drooled a little. Now I'm going to have to make some this weekend~

  6. So very much to be grateful for. Enjoy your springtime!

  7. Loooooove that top picture! Those two are so cute!

  8. Well, shoot! That first picture says it all doesn't it?!
    DQ...expensiveness (nothing tops it though) but for those penny pinching days....Tessoro has huge cones for a buck at the counter! 6 flavors to choose from and right on your way to visiting your grams!
    Have a blessed spring weekend!

  9. I love all the pictures!! So much to be thankful for.

  10. Thankful that at 1:30am Clara has gone to bed EARLY (last night I put her down and got to sleep by 5am... yes... you read that right) I finally had time to read at least one blogpost before heading up to bed now. I have SO many things I've wanted to write about and simply haven't been able to. I look at all you've been able to do with your littles and don't know HOW you do it all! Inspiring! I love these posts as they make me feel close to you and your family all the way out there. xoxo thankful for that!

  11. Your children take the best pictures! They always look so happy. I especially love the one of your two youngest sweet!

  12. Wow, a good report like that one should make everyone happy. I was smiling big all the way through and "Thankful" I have friends "way" up north.

  13. Beautiful Beautiful post. I have been feeling so overwhelmed lately but looking at your pictures really makes it all fall into place. Your kiddos are happy, they deal with what life sends their way - even more snow. The love that is seen in the first picture says it all. We all want to love that way and to be loved that way. Thank you!


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