Friday, August 29, 2008


In an effort to celebrate the feasts of St Monica and St Augustine, we decided to of course do the coloring sheets, but also try Couscous. (a second time for my husband and myself, we tried it when first married, and didn't care for it then) My husband does not like tomatoes or zucchini (I do) so we didn't use the recipe on Catholic Cuisine, but followed Charlotte's recommendation for Near East Parmesan Couscous. Couscous is on the food list at a great number of 72! (however after adding the 4 Tbsp of butter it called for on the 2 pkgs we made, not sure how it would rank) I can't say anyone liked it much, except Babycakes, she ate at least a cup of it! It was kind of like a warm bowl of mush, you know from Goodnight Moon. Maybe that is why she liked it? After putting fresh tomato slices on mine and having a tomato in every bite, it wasn't too bad. Can't say I'd overeat on it. (maybe that's why it rates such a good number!) Couscous was very fun to say and talk about at the supper table though.
Ballerina Rosie, after being served couscous for the very first time and being given dessert, (a delicious ice cream sandwich) stated, "but I didn't eat any poshposh!"
That's ok, honey, that's ok.


  1. I love couscous. I make it with corn, onions and zucchini - absolutely delicious!

  2. Ummmm.. I LOVE Couscous! I really should try to make it sometime. :)

  3. I have never ever had it. Looks like it is time to broaden my horizens!

    Blessings to you also and have a great weekend.


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