Thursday, May 26, 2011

Good Shepherd's Garden Party--Week Five

 This week I'm not a day late or a dollar short
(well, maybe a dollar short)
We started "The Gardener Plants Paradise"
by painting The Palm Tree --John 12:12-17

 I also made a centerpiece for our counter table top decoration.

 Tree of Life's Leaves--Revelation 22:1-5
I made a salad--but I'm the only one who ate it!
(I used the veggies and meat you will see later)
 The Tree of Life's Flowers--Isaiah 55:12-13
Bananas and raspberries

The Owl--Psalm 102:6-12
I bought Oreos for the eyes...but got a dud bag, they would not separate without breaking, I tried freezing them, but that didn't work either. 
I gave up after trying 12 and only getting one to work (one half that is)
So I decided to use large marshmallows cut in half instead. 

The Tree of Life's Fruit--Galatians 5:22-2
I opted for bowl of cherries since they are in season and so delicious!

Roses and Lilies--Songs 2:1-7
Ballerina Rosie painted a rose for our Garden Party and I made Charlotte's Christmas Mints
and put them into these rose molds I've had for like 20 years

My lilies were thin sliced ham wrapped around halved cheese sticks stripped at the top.
(the kiddos didn't think they looked like lilies....but I did!)
We also had Trees of Life--broccoli and cauliflower with dip
(which I added to my salad)

Tree of Life Punch
Diet 7-Up
Apple Juice
I used Jessica's palm tree printables for the straw decorations

The Olive Tree--Genesis 8:6-11
we had it with Cracked Pepper and Olive Oil Triscuits
(I don't care for the Rosemary ones)
along with some flower cut cheese slices
I might have to change the name of that cheese ball again...Olive Cheese Ball?

The kiddos and I had a great time, even though it was like 3:30 before we were done
(I'm serious)
I should have started way earlier to do this!!

Sweetie Pie cried and cried and kept reaching for something, finally we realized she saw
the Owl cupcakes and would not take "no" for an answer!!
Catholic Cuisine has a ton of other ideas--check it out!


  1. I love cherries also. Looks like I might have to go to Sams and get some ...yummy!

    I agree with sweetie pie. The owl cupcakes are way too cute.

  2. Wow! Great party, Jamie! You put so much creative thought and do so much! I can barely throw together some food dishes! Your kiddos really look like they had fun with it. :)

    And as for those owls! I had the very same problem with them last year. Grrr, it got me quite frustrated! lol!
    If they don't cooperate with me again, then I'm going to use your marshmallow idea. Yours turned out so cute!

  3. You and your kiddos are soooooo creative. I love seeing the cute trees and happy faces on the goodies. Looked like they were having way too much fun with that green paint. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. My kindest regards to your wonderful family.

  4. Hi Jamie Jo~What fun and crafty activities to go with the theme for the week! I especially love the ham and cheese lilies. Sweetie pie is a girl after my own heart...chocolate!

  5. I think the salad for the leaves is an incredibly creative idea and yeah, I'd probably be the only one eating it too. But it's still a great idea! I'm sorry about your Oreos. Maybe it is the heat and humidity down here. I told Kelly that I used a butter knife to cut off one side of the cookies and then just scraped any little extra off until the filling was nice and white. Hope that helps!

  6. I love all the artwork! I haven't been that good about doing many crafts with my kids this year... Maybe as the weather improves we will start doing more.

    Everything looks great, and I, too, love the lettuce for the leaves. Perfect!! :)

  7. Oh, I love the ham and cheese lilies - perfect! And the salad, and the broccoli trees of life... my kids like raw broccoli (but not cooked), so that would be perfect, and I love that many of your ideas make for a healthy meal!

    I had the same issue with the Oreos the first time I tried to do this when we studied owls during O week of Kindergarten... I was so frustrated! But this time, they came apart beautifully! the difference? This time I used Wal-Mart brand double stuffed Oreos, and it was really hot here in the South. I don't know which factor did the trick, but I was happy that the cheaper cookies worked better! ;)

    I just recently found your blog by following the Good Shepherd party links from the Catholic Cuisine link-ups, and I love seeing your family with so many girls - I am due in Sept. with our third girl myself.


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