Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tuesday Tea Talk

Come have tea with me on my porch!
Let's get to know each other. 
Join in by posting your answers in the comment box or on your blog,
Just remember to let us know so we can tea talk with you.

1.     What is the single best decision you've made in your life?

Gosh, I was going to originally say marrying my husband.  That is the thought I've had since I saw this question last week.  Then, as I sit here, I would have to say my whole conversion, which involves completely changing my life, leaving a bad marriage and trusting that God lead me to that point and was going to continue to lead me.
In, completely trusting in God, He led me to Tom and that led to marrying him and living the life I live right now. 
Maybe someday I will write all about that stuff, it's just so long....

2.     If you had one day in your life to live over--which would you choose?  And why?

I would choose my wedding day. 
But only if I could live that day over, knowing the things I know now.
I would choose that day because there is so much I'd love to tell that young couple.
I thought I loved him on that day with all my heart, but I love him so much more today,
and I'd love to look him in his eyes and just feel that--back in the beginning.
I suppose that is just too much love for that time though and we'd burst.
It makes me think of the Transfiguration, that God is too bright and magnificent for us to see Him in His glory, and that is the way it would be on our wedding day if we had the love we have now, at the beginning, we just couldn't handle the splendour of it.
Little by little, over time, our love has grown and we are able to withstand it together.
Hopefully, little by little, we are more Christ-like and His magnificence shines in us more and more each day.

3.     What is your favorite restaurant?

My answer is boring. 
 It's Perkins.
They are everywhere. 
 I love that they have all different kinds of food, it's relaxing,
family style, has a great kid menu and it smells of coffee and breakfast!
I always order the Club Sandwich with a side salad.  Always have and always will.
Ever since I was a kid.
I remember when I was a kid, they had a wishing well, filled with little treasures. 
We'd get to pick one to take with us.
Perkins is the perfect place for a family, for meeting a friend, or for a larger group of friends. 
It's also the perfect place for a "date" with your husband!

4.     Who is the first friend you ever had?  Are you still friends?

My first friend, is Denise.
  We were 4 and 5 years old when we met, her family bought our farmhouse, and we moved to California.
I went to Kindergarten out there, then half way through the year,
we moved back to MN and we stayed friends throughout our school years.
She stayed my friend through several more moved to California and back to MN.
Our senior year, she even came by herself and visited our family in California.
We had such a great time!! 
We are still friends.
But, not as much as we'd probably like. 
We live about 45 minutes from each other and have gotten busy with our lives.
It's sad, I know.
Every time we do talk, it's like we've not been apart at all.
I saw her Christmas time and we talked and jabbered just like old times, it had
been 4 years since I'd seen her.
She will always hold a special place in my heart.

5.     What is the first thing you'd grab in a fire or tornado?  (kids are a give-in, has to be a thing)

Well, living in Minnesota, we will be going into our basement several times this spring and summer.
(and have several times in the past)
The sirens are right behind our house, up on the hill, so it adds an extra panic to the whole thing!
We all run downstairs,
 I grab my purse/diaperbag (it's the same thing),
 insulin and phone (our home phone is a cell phone).  I grab it because there are diapers in it, my prayer books are in it, including that St Joseph one for storms, my rosary is in it too, as well as extras for the kiddos.  My camera is in it too.
I always make sure I grab my shoes too....because if there's a real tornado, I'd want to at least have shoes on! 
We sit on the couch, snuggle and pray and wait it out. 
The praying always calms everyone down.

That's it!  Thanks for coming for Tuesday Tea Talk!  Have a wonderful day everyone!


  1. OK Jamie Jo, here goes,

    1. The day I chose to follow Jesus and give him all of me.

    2. Christmas Day 2008, I think you know why.

    3. Cracker Barrell

    4. Alton Harper, he even got me my first date and later introduced me to a girl named Mary who I dated for over a year. Now she is a CPA that my techs service her copier. Alton died of cancer a few years ago.

    5. My Kindle - it has a lot of books in it as well as the complete bible.

    That was fun Jamie, hope you have lots more to participate.

  2. Cool questions. Wonder where you get them or do you make them up?

    1. Having the no. of babies I had...especially because I have certain family members that cannot believe I had more then two...and being a stay at home mother...another problem for certain family members. It is so hard when there is no support there. I still hear it..."HOW are you going to stop having more babies?"

    2. Same as you..my wedding day. Brian and I only dated 9mo. and engaged only 9mo. I was in love then but so love this man more then every today.

    I would also pick a different dress and flowers.

    3. sniff sniff..I rarely go out to eat. Usually we just go to Olive Garden.

    4. I had a best friend since 4 grade. When we were 35yrs old she left the Catholic Church and sorta left me also. Sad but I am so blessed to have YOU!

    5. I also grab phone and car keys before I get to the bsmt. I already have a special pray taped down stairs. I wonder where it went since we remodeled. I never thought of shoes. Thanks for the tip!

    I HATE STORM! Especially camping. Sorta getting anxiety about it already.

  3. Odie! I've been to the Cracker Barrel twice, excellant food!! Love the home cooked taste, and the gift shop, but there's not one close enough to be my favorite!

    Christine! I would also re-do my dress (yuck) and flowers (double yuck, I made my own) and the cake and topper too. We had only known each other for 11 months.

    When you know, you know.

  4. I put my answers on my blog, Jamie.

    Thanks for the tea!

  5. Scratch that last comment, this is the right blog address:

  6. Hi Jamie, how fun you're doing it again!

    1. Quitting work to become a stay at home mom was the single best decision of my life. I was missing way too much of my son's life for a busy hectic work life that paid very little. It's wasn't worth missing my son grow up.

    2. The day before my mother died. I think I was still in denial and busy being a caretaker rather than there in the moment... saying all of the things that I should have said knowing I would never be able to. Asking her advice on marriage, how to raise my son, how to be a good wife...etc.

    3. My favorite restaurant is Chang Jiang Buffet for the variety of mouth watering Chinese cuisine! My friend's parents own it and the first time I went, I found my single most favorite Asian food - Singapore noodles. I hadn't found it out in the suburbs only in the intercity where I used to work.

    4. My first friend is Beth and we grwe up together and somewhat drifted apart in high school but came back together as friends in our early 20's. I only see her a couple of times a year but I so enjoy when we do get together. It's even more fun when I get to see her mom again!

    5. Besides my son and dog, I would grab my purse with all of my identification in it. Or perhaps my glasses... I wear contacts for the most part but I do need my glasses at night.

    Interesting questions Jamie Jo! I had fun sharing tea and thoughts with you!

  7. Do you ever link up to NOBH? No Ordinary Blog Hop? It's managed by some of the most friendly, supportive and caring Christians I have come into contact with since I began blogging. Check them out if you haven't already.


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