Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday Tea Talk

Will you join me for Tuesday Tea? Let's get to know each other! I'd love to visit, come stay a while, I'll listen, leave your answers in my comments or post your own post answering the questions! (but remember to tell me so we can come visit!) Maybe someday I'll know how to do a linky join in thingy, but not today.

1. What is your phone's ring tone?

My answer is in the post before this post.

2. Would you ever have plastic surgery?

Hmmmmm....anyone who knows me and has seen me in person, knows I don't need it to enhance anything, if you know what I mean. I might need it to dehance those things though. No, I truly believe that God gave me this body and we should grow old gracefully. I'm not about fake. I don't even color my hair. I was thinking about my mother and how her hair is actually blacker than mine and she has no gray. I think she would look beautiful with gray hair. (but that's not plastic surgery....so I'll try to keep on topic) I do think plastic surgery is ok for corrective things, like accidents, or birth defects or things that. Or even C-section tummies. I think insurance companies should cover those things. I mean, my pants are a whole size bigger because of my tummy. My doctor told me it doesn't matter how many exercises I do for my tummy, only surgery will fix it. That was after my 3rd C-section, and after I religiously, worked on an ab machine (only mine was not portable) for a whole year, every day, with no results, except a bad back. So, maybe after I'm unable to have babies anymore, I'd think of getting my tummy shelf removed. So, I guess my answer is no plastic surgery for my face but yes for my tummy, maybe if insurance covered it.

3. You are having a bad day, who do you want to talk to?


I want to talk to Jesus.


I have that feeling and I want to run to Him in the Blessed Sacrament, in our Adoration chapel and cry:

Jesus Help me!

In every need let me come to You with humble trust saying: Jesus help me! In all my doubts, perplexities, and temptations: Jesus help me! In hours of loneliness, weariness and trials: Jesus help me! In the failure of my plans and hopes, in disappointments, troubles and sorrows: Jesus help me! When others fail me, and Your Grace alone can assist me: Jesus help me! When I throw myself on Your tender Love as Savior: Jesus help me! When my heart is cast down by failure, at seeing no good come from my efforts: Jesus help me! When I feel impatient, and my cross irritates me: Jesus help me! When I am ill, and my head and hands cannot work and I am lonely: Jesus help me! Always, always, in spite of weakness, falls and shortcomings of every kind: Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, help me and never forsake me.

4. At a movie theatre which arm rest is yours?

When I'm with my husband (so very rarely), It's the side he's on, I lean and snuggle with his arm. When I'm with my kiddos, it's whichever arm works best, I'm always in the middle of them!

5. If you had to go back in time to change one thing, if you had to, what would it be?

I really had to think about this one. My first thought was the ultimate worst thing that happened to me, but that turned out to be the best thing too, by God's Grace. So I wouldn't change that thing. Then, I kept thinking about things and what thing has happened in my life that didn't have a chain of events to happen because of it. It took some thinking, but I'd have to say my diabetes. I see no good from it. I know it's my cross and I'm happy to have whatever cross God gives me, but if I had to pick something that would be it. Being a diabetic for 31 years now, it is 2nd nature and is not really something I think about much. It's a lot of work when I'm pregnant and I think it makes losing weight a struggle. (too much insulin) I have to test my blood before working out and eat if it's low and wait if it's too high. It's never always perfect and it's a constant reminder of my imperfections. I can't skip meals and I can't eat too much. It's also very expensive, we spend about $150/month on insulin and supplies. (and we have good insurance) All I can do, is take the best care of myself now, and take whatever God gives me. I believe that every bad thing has it's reason and God turns it into good. The only good thing I can see out of my diabetes is my offering up everything for Him. I give it to Him. I accept it and give it to Him. So if I had to pick something that would be it, but I take this cross over so many other crosses out there.


  1. 1. Foggy Mountain Breakdown on a banjo and by the way I really love yours a lot.

    2. No

    3. Jesus

    4. On the right

    5. Christmas day 2008 I was severely depressed and tried to end my existence with sleeping pills and would stop that from happening. (being honest Jamie)

  2. 1. On my cell, I assign ring tones to a few people who call often so I can distinguish them. Otherwise, it's still set to the default.

    2. I would only consider it in the tummy area, and even then, I'd have to think/pray long and hard. It is after all, major surgery ... I'm quite certain it wouldn't be covered.

    3. Many times, I want to talk to my mom! Sometimes I'll call my sister. But, I don't want to necessarily dump my bad day on them. Yes, I'd love to go to adoration ... ALONE ... but that involves a long drive.

    4. As for the armrests, I'll use either. I haven't gone to a movie theater movie with the kids; and movies with my hubby are few and very far between. We usually do netflix on the couch! Think foot massage...

    5. I can't think of anything *big* I'd change that would have made a true improvement in my life as it is right now.

  3. 1. "Get Up and Tell the World", a VBS song sung by my oldest son.

    2. Sure if it was free, I would love to have some fat sucked away.

    3. My husband, unless he is causing it and then Mary.

    4. Which ever one is towards my husband.

    5. Passing up a house we really should have bought. It had so much potential.

  4. 1. A phone ringing. Because cell phones are so stupid (sorry) today, my phone did not offer a "real" ring. So I recorded a real phone ringing and chose that tone. Hmph.

    2. Nope. Though I've never had a medical reason to rethink that. For purely cosmetic purposes, no. But, if I had to have my nose removed for cancer, I might rethink that.

    3. Usually no one. You are so good, Jamie. When I am having a bad day I don't even talk to Jesus. Sometimes, Mary, sometimes my mom, but usually I close up.

    4. Neither. I keep my hands in my lap.

    5. I would have stayed at home my sophomore year of college and then I would have been home when we lost my dad. Or maybe we wouldn't have lost him. Hmm. That's a tough one, Jamie.

    By the way, I'll take my tea iced today, because it's pretty warm out. And sunny. ;-)

  5. 1. Regular ringing. I won't pay for songs or special tones. I actually hate the mobile phone.

    2. My c-section tummy is the only consideration.

    3. Whoever will listen - whoever I have to hold down to do so. Just kidding. It depends on what it is, but I usually pray about it etc.

    4. On the rare chance I'm ever in a cinema, neither. I am an arm crosser to stay warm, really. The AC is blasting in most places and I'm freezing.

    5. I would have gone to England the minute I graduated from high school.

  6. Happy Tea Tuesday day.

    1...just a ring-a-ding-a-ling on my phone. I never use my cell phone. Probably a big fat waste of money. It gives me a head-ache when I use it. I am seriously afraid it is frying my brain cells.

    2. Plastic surgery. Would I do it?? Yup.

    3. God.

    4. I never go to the movies. We always watch movies at home. Too much money.

    5. I would go back to when my parents were divorced...I was 12...and I would sit down and tell myself "get over it". Live your life and do not waste one precious minute thinking about their problems.

    I wasted a lot of my life being sad about not having a family. However, the last almost 17yrs of marriage to Brian have been the best years of my life.

    sorry you gotta deal with that health stuff.

  7. Thanks for having tea everyone!!

    Odie--I emailed you what I think....happy you are doing so good now and come this far!!

    Everyone else: I should have clarified, I don't use my cell phone for anyone except my hubby to let him know I'm coming home and it has a regular ring sound....but our home phone is a cell phone but it stays home and is the Star wars song!! So hopefully that doesn't annoy anyone!!

    Barbara: That #5 was a sad one. Sorry to make you think of such sad things. Ice tea here too, it's hot and cloudy....storms are brewing.

  8. Hi Jamie!

    1. Sweet Home Alabama

    2. I'm with you on corrective surgery. It's so weird you brought that up. I was just thinking about that today. Like you, I also have separated abs. I used to worry about it a lot and even looked into getting it fixed, but then I had this heart attack and things perspectives changed. Anyway, it's not important to me anymore. I don't like being asked when I'm "due" but, really, who cares?

    3. Like you, Jesus.

    4. Doesn't matter to me.

    5. I don't think I would change anything. God let it all happen for a reason.

  9. I posted again today on my blog, Jamie:

    Thanks so much for hosting! I had a lovely time.

    p.s.-Are you attending MCHEC next month? I'd love to meet you IRL! ;-)

  10. great questions!

    I'm participating over here - http://winterpastfinally.blogspot.com/2011/05/tuesday-tea-talk_10.html

    Have a great week!!!


  11. Hi Jamie Jo, what a fun idea!

    1. My son changes the ring tone on my cell phone all the time. Right now, its says the name of the caller with a little jingle.

    2. No, I would never have plastic surgery since I'd be fearful of something going wrong. I do color the gray out of my hair, but that's the extent of it!

    3. On a bad day, I do go right to Jesus and then to my husband... unless he's part of the reason I'm having a bad day! ;)

    4. If I'm sitting between my husband and child I get neither. They tend to hog them!

    5. If I could go back I would probably try to slow down time and enjoy my son as an infant. I worked part time the first couple years of his life and I was dealing with a Rheumatoid Arthritis an life was difficult. I wish I appreciated those early years more because he's growing up way too fast!

    I've enjoyed your Tuesday Tea!


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