Monday, May 2, 2011


May starts out with a bang!

May day

Beatification of John Paul II

Divine Mercy Sunday

Our Catholic Homeschool Group's Easter Party

The day being packed with grace filled event, is, I think,

a prelude to the whole month!

I do have a new recipe over at my cooking blog!
It was a hit!
(only after consulting with Barbara about when to dress the salad!
I always want to be prepared!)

Although the temps were only around 30 degrees,
the day was perfect!

Today is the Baptism anniversary of my sweet Goddaughter Ava!
I am not actually good at remembering Baptism dates, I know with my own children,
it is in the one month to 6 weeks after their birthdays,
It is important to Christine
(and it should be for me, I just have a hard enough time remembering, well, everything)
Happy Baptism Anniversary honey!


  1. To add to the great start to May, Osama Bin Laden died on Divine Mercy Sunday! Frank at Why I am Catholic pointed out this coincidence and wondered if it be miracle from JPII the Great. If this is an end to the war on terror, I'd say, YES, a miracle indeed.

  2. Love those May baskets! I actually FORGOT with all the preps for First Communion and May Crowing with our catechetical school. But the doorbell rang at 9:00 a.m. with the new neighbors joyfully starting the game. We weren't able to reciprocate until about 10 hours later! So fun!

    Your family is gorgeous ! Also,I laughed at your note on another post about your camera in a pink case - I carry my little mini in a pink case, too-my boys refuse to touch it (But they always seem to have their hands on the actual camera anyway!).

  3. Great post Jamie, hope you are having a great week

  4. Happy May to you, Jamie!! I love that you guys do the May day treats. A few years ago we had someone leave us little baskets at our door step. It was such a lovely surprise. Ever since then I've wanted to do that for a family.

    I need to talk/email you soon so we can catch up with everything. Hugs and Happy Easter!

  5. OH MY this is so funny. I do love to celebrate my kiddos baptism and I come to this bloggy and see my pic and what whats up! I totally forgot my baby's baptism. totally.

    I remembered Jonah because it is on my birthday and we get out the candle and sing.

    Thanks for reminding me. Candle out tonight to remember that very very special day. When grace touched my baby's soul and she became a beautiful child of God......and she got one the best dern Godmothers on the planet.

    Thank you for all the prayers you say for her. She probably is still alive because of your intercession.

    She is such a crazy busy running climbing kid.

    I dont know how you find time to do all you do!!!!!!!

  6. Happy first week in the Mary month of May, Jamie! Those are beautiful May Day baskets.

  7. PS. We've got sun down here today--hope you do too!


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