Monday, May 30, 2011

Remember The Reason for the Holiday

Not that we will be grilling here in Minnesota, it's supposed to rain all day.
I still can't leave comments on several blogs, so if you know I read your blog,
please know I'm still reading and praying for several of you!


  1. Yes! It is so important to remember the real reason for this holiday ...

    And thanks for your comment on my blog about homeschooling. I appreciate all of your words of encouragement. I wish you were coming to the conference; it would be so much fun to meet! Oh well, maybe we will have the blogger's tea this summer?! It's not like we live that far away; we could make it work :)

    God bless your day!

  2. Great cartoon... I haven't seen that one. Have a blessed day!

  3. Goody, Goody I can leave a comment. There are so many that I cannot. Thanks for the kind words Jamie coming from a Viet Nam Vet. Well, one more evening and we have to be at the hospital by 9 AM in the morning. She is really nervous but I am sure they will take good care of her and the recovery will be quicker than she thought. Take care my sweet friend.

  4. So far no rain today! I did get some yard work done and laundry and set up our new (very used elcheapo swimming pool) and took care of my baby and looking forward to getting the kabobs on soon. Very humid today.

    Let's have tea this summer...I could host! Would love to meet all these cool mamas out there.

  5. ps...i miss your comments..sniff sniff. Thanks for the emails though!

  6. I'm just catching up. Forgive me for the late CONGRATULATIONS on the newest bun in the oven! That's fantastic news!!!!!

  7. Hi Jamie, how true is that cartoon. We do need to remember our soldiers from past to present who risk their lives for us. It's really humbling because I don't know if I could handle my son going off to war. Those brave mothers and fathers who are doing just that is amazing.

    I still can't comment on many blogs too but ones that are set up like yours, I can. Blogger doesn't seem to be working on it.


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