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Come, Holy Spirit! May 18th, 2008
I had the opportunity to be a sponsor for not only one, but two beautiful young ladies. Emily is my good friends daughter. It was such an honor to be her sponsor. Through her Confirmation program, we were asked to get together at least once monthly and do selected activities together. It was a wonderful way to get to know her better and hopefully to be a good role model/witness for her. I really liked the way they did the program, it really involves the sponsors and gives them some responsibility for the faith formation of these wonderful teens. I tell you what though, it is such a contrast being with my small children all day and then going to do something with a teen. It was really fun! It made me really see how fast they grow.
At her Confirmation Mass on Sunday, there were about 4 other teens that I have not seen since I was an assistant teacher at a Montessori school, so the last time I saw them, they were around age 4 or 5. One girl, I wished I could have talked with her,(there were 88 kids Confirmed so it was busy afterward) her name is Camryn. When I had her in my afternoon group, oh, she was just such a cutie, her soft brown chubby cheeks, just called to be kissed! She was just a doll! She still looks the same, only taller! Her middle name is Grace, and when the priest called her name, I remembered at that moment, that when she was little, I loved her middle name and wanted it for one of my own, and I DID name one of my daughters with this middle name! I had forgotten why I liked the name.
Emily was one of these beautiful children at that school, so I did catch myself thinking back to when she was 4. How she has grown and changed and become such a beautiful young lady.

Doesn't Emily look beautiful? Red is the perfect color to be Confirmed in. I will add though, that the Bishop was VERY generous with the Holy Prism Oil, as you can see. Literally, his hand was dripping with it, after blessing their foreheads, he placed his hand on their cheeks, so there were a lot of shiny Confirmands there! They were glistening with the Holy Spirit! Her Confirmation name is Maria Goretti. This is her parents, Tim and Lisa, who without them, I could not do any daily Masses! Really, they help me out every time. Little Mary loves Tim and snuggles up to him and does not make a peep! Babycakes loves them both and it gives her more people to go to during Mass, up and down, up and down! Lisa is actually Babycakes' Godmother! Lisa and I have been friends for a long time now and she is one of my closest friends!

God Bless you Emily. I love you very much and hope the Holy Spirit continues to work in your life. The gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit are with you forever. Thank you for asking me to be your sponsor, it was an honor. I will continue to pray for you every day. (the kids too!)

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  1. Congratulations to Emily and to you Jamie. Emily did an awesome job choosing a sponsor!

    I loved seeing the pictures, and your cake turned out Beautiful!


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