Friday, May 23, 2008

Signs of Spring, Finally!!

Lilac buds starting to come out! I LOVE lilacs! I can't wait until they bloom!
My dear hubby tilling flower gardens for me. My goal is to make it bigger and bigger every year! A good friend gave me, (yes, gave me) a bunch of perennials, her dear mil also gave me a ton, I can't wait to plant them today!!
Isn't this tree cool? We are just going to watch and see how long those branches get this Summer!

Hanging pots!

Some kind of flowering tree in our backyard!

Some kind of bushes in our back woods area!
A beautiful flowering crab tree right by our back thanksgiving window!

Beautiful painted toes in sandals!

My tulips that I planted last Fall, right after we moved here!! Tulips are so exciting! I have some purple ones too, that have not flowered yet, but they are coming soon!


  1. Oh! Such beautiful flowers and cute toes!

  2. Hi Jamie-I am so excited for you to finally be getting spring. I think you all are about a month behind us. It's now in the mid-80's
    here-too hot, too quick. I love spring and the color of green. It's so intense and fresh. Love babycakes' toes! What a cutie.
    Your Mary has a vintage look which is a good thing! Luv, Nerm

  3. By the way, did you get a new camera? Your photos are great!

  4. Babycakes toes look so pretty! Sweet pudgy things.

    Your outdoors are in full-swing bloom! Isn't spring grand!


  5. Nerm- No new camera, but yes, it did take those close ups better than I thought, maybe when the guy fixed it, he did something extra to it?

  6. Jamie,

    Can I borrow your husband for the day? We've got lots of fun landscaping to do here! ha-ha!

  7. Lucky you having your husband expand your flower beds. My husband complains that we're "eating up all the lawn". If I had my way, we would have almost none!


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