Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Introducing a New MN Blogger!

Introducing Melissa! She just started her own blog. She also has a MySpace page, homeschools, sells Creative Memory Scrapbook stuff and she has 3 beautiful children that I had the honor to watch last week. She is in our Catholic homeschool group and I am just getting to know her. She is a delight, she's really sweet and nice.
Her daughter got along great with all my children and helped make this obstacle course.
Her son is driving the truck. He loves all things train and truck and car! He's a very sweet boy!

Her baby is the most mello, calm, content baby I have ever seen!! She loved being held, playing on the floor, being in the baby car seat, being outside. She was very sweet and it DID make me want another baby even more!


  1. Wow! You have been having a wonderful May! So many celebrations. I know why they picked you for a sponsor! You are so strong in your faith.

    I am going to steal the playdough idea. This is why I love to read blogs....I need you women!

    Your babycakes looks so grown-up compared to the little baby!

  2. I liked her blog! Pretty pictures. If she just started she is already way ahead of me.

    She doesn't seem too concerned about letting the world know where she is? I noticed you mentioned my little home town on my blog.....Jamie now all the ax murders are going to find ME! hee hee

    We have to plant our garden this weekend also, go see my dad, and get ready for Monday. 21 - 6th graders are coming to our house.aaaaaaahhhhhhh!

  3. Thanks for posting this about me. I am excited to get to know all of you. Of course it's a challenge to get this whole blog page together the way I like it - so send me any suggestions.

    And about the privacy issue, I guess I am the only one who ever goes on this computer, and my kids aren't even old enough to figure it out, so I am not worried about them chatting with "those evil e-people."

    Come visit my site again. Today's blogs have some questions for you! You are also invited to check out my blogs at: and


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