Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 on the 10th in 2010!

My oldest is out of the single digits today!! How fast he's grown. He will always be our "miracle" baby, after 3 years of infertility, he was our blessing. (they all are!) What a special day, so many 10's, once in a lifetime thing! When I think of Jedi, these are some of the things I think of and smile about:

Firstborn, preemie baby, 28 days in the hospital before birth, only boy, big blue eyes, Nano-nut, clean kid, no food touching, no brown food, kisses only for mama and baby sisters, dinosaurs, early reader, St Nicholas, Science, garlic, my dear, sweet, child, (inside joke, I'll tell you later) Gardetto's snack mix, cub scouts, Weebelos, earning badges, one-on-one kid, playing games, made up games, collector, army men, swimming, Bionicles, Kung Fu, piano, BMX, Legos, Balsamic Ravioli, Magnifikid, Pieta memorized, serious, (yet) funny, goofy, jokester, little gentleman, sensitive, caring, loving, initials on shirts of characters you draw, Shel Silverstein poem books, reading Narnia and other book series with daddy, reading on the porch, same age as the year, the year 2000, glasses, wrestling, wrestling with your sisters, "hide and geek", soup for lunch, chunky yogurts, shy, blue, old comic books, Wookies, Wookie room, sweeping, "be the soup", "Nitty", the garbage is calling you, Yousa and Meesa, pizza and Pizza Ranch, the bench by the wall, of course, ANYTHING STAR WARS!!!!, and so many more things, I could go on forever...but I won't! (well, maybe I will but not in this post!)

I can't wait to see what God has planned for you Jedi, you are a great kid and we are blessed!

This is the dessert he picked, it's Christine's recipe! Ice cream sandwiches layered in a cake pan, covered with whipped topping and toffee bits, then put into the freezer. We made a double layer batch, but you can also single layer it. This dessert does not taste like ice cream sandwiches, it tastes more homemade than that! He didn't want a "theme" birthday this year...he's growing up! (Oops, something happened to the finished's up there, way above this part of the post....I can never get them to line up side by side....)
I always make the kiddos home-made cards and I was up way too late making this one, but I think it fits his personality perfectly, goofy letters talking! I also blew up 30 balloons and put them in his room to surprise him this morning!
This is one of his cards from Ballerina Rosie, it just warmed my heart, on the front she wrote "Happy Gloden Birthday!" (golden) She spent all her money (except 10% she gave to church) to buy him 2 Bionicles. She insisted and couldn't wait to go buy them for him.
I love the love he gets from his sisters, he is so very blessed to have 4 little sisters!
He has a friend coming today to play and we have company tonight for I'm off!
Love, love, love. It's a special day!


  1. Happy Birthday to your son. LUVed hearing about what makes him unique.

    If possible, it would be so cool for him to recieve ten $10 bills on this his 10th on the 10th in the 10th!!!!

    God bless!

  2. Happy Birthday to Jedi! That is a super cool card, Jamie. It doesn't 'look' homemade at all. You're creative and it's so fun to see what you come up with along the way.

    Hope you all have a fun celebration.

  3. Uh, OK, JMJ, I'll send you our address.....:)

  4. Happy birthday to your son! May God continue to bless him abundantly!

    P.S. That was me above. Sorry!! :)

  5. I LUB all the lub your son is getting. He is blessed to be in your family and have great sisters and a pretty artsy-fartsy mama! Great card!

    I LOVE that cake recipe. Kids eat it too. No cake crumbs all over or soggy cake/ice cream.

    I am not getting anything done. I so need a shower. I so need to clean. I gotta get balloons up...ava was up from 12am till 3am...ugh.

    Happy Blessed Birthday JEDI!! God Bless you today!

  6. Dear Jamie,
    I like your blog! Can you tell me where the quote you have at the top of the page comes from? Is it from a book by Fr. Lovasik?
    Thank you!

  7. HAPPY GOLDEN 10th Bday, Jedi!!
    Luke excitedly pointed out that he had the same cake for his 10th bday! (only it was tinted and made to look like a beach)
    Hope he had a great day and bday supper. We prayed for special graces for him!

  8. Amy, the quote is from "Picture book of Saints" for children. (by Father Lovasik.

    Thanks for stopping by and saying "hi!" Nice to "meet" you!


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