Monday, March 22, 2010

3 Minnesota Moms!

The "real Minnesota Mom" came to visit us MN Moms up north!
Look at me in the middle, trying to scrunch down, I'm an amazon woman next to these petite women! Look at Sweetie Pie's ears, aren't they cute?
Really, Margaret is very sweet and down to earth, being the celebrity blogger she is.
Once she's here, you really forget how cool she is in blog world.
(that didn't really come out the way I intended it)
What I mean is she's just a mom trying to get through her busy days raising godly children, just like the rest of us.
For the feast of St Joseph, we made a version of Barbara's St Joe Cupcakes
Our filling was an easy way out for me, I used Cool Whip mixed with sugar free raspberry jello powder, to add flavor and color. (also, I have girls who do not like "chunks")
Here are our girls hitting it off doing "construction work" on their cupcakes!
Babycakes here showing her "sprinkled" powdered sugar!
She kept calling Margaret's little Angela "the little sister".
Boys, Legos, Bionicles and Pizza!
Christine's little boy was there too....darn, no picture though, sorry Kissteen!
Little Anthony really is as cute in person as on her blog, even in a girl tee.
Lots of girls loving the newest baby, here's Ava only a month old!
It was a great time, bringing some joy into our dry Lent.
It's amazing how much blogging brings to our lives. Without it, it's lonely out there on our own. We stay at home moms have created this blog community of support and friends and it really helps us on our journey in our motherhood and womanhood.
I sure am glad I'm a stay at home mom now and not 15 years ago when there was not this online support. Where else can a woman wear the same shirt for 3 days, not see anyone outside her own family in that time, yet feel so complete, happy and unlonely?
Blog-World, that's where.
Lent has been a good time to reflect on the good and bad of blogging. (as in everything)
I regret tainting our visit by gossiping about someone and must apologize to my 2 friends. I'm so aware of those things when they happen and it has been bothering me since. I'm sorry my friends for that.
Another thing I'd like to say or retract is that when a woman turns 40, it IS ok to do something cool to make yourself feel cool. I was wrong. We should celebrate every age and every year.
To me, it's just another year, but to someone else, it's much more and we should lift people up, not tear them down.
See? I have such a huge conscience. Those 2 things have been bothering me since Friday.
Oh, I have so many things I want to blog about, but not the time to do it!
I have a few posts in my head....I'll try to get the movie reviews out today!


  1. HELLO from the oldster. I totally agree...I love love love the blog world and all the people out there to help us at home mamas who LUB to stay home but want to connect to others.

    I am blessed.

    I was invited. Although, I am not a big talker I enjoy listening. I have always been a quiet person. Maybe I need to drink more.....(shhhh don't tell tom hee hee)

    I probably try to be silly too much.

    I wanna buy my goddaughter a pretty flower.

    gotta go....that time thing is huge here also. So much laundry to fold. But I did get cookies baked. And fed 5 baby squirrels every two hours.....

  2. Awwww....I want to be a Minnesota mom. :)

    You all look great. What a fun time.

  3. Hello from another oldster. and you are beautiful btw. we are our own biggest critics, as they say. back to what I was going to say: I think there are alot more nontraditional (older) moms around now than there used to be. and I say yay. some of us are late bloomers/starters. I agree with you about making friends in the blogging world and how it lifts one's day to stay in touch with eachother. I like your new blog header! a great pic.

  4. What a fun day you gals had! That is just wonderful! If you all ever get together again, please think of me. I look forward to meeting you in person ... one of these days =)

    Bless you.

  5. I think ya'll look great with babies! Bet you had fun ... talking & listening. So fun to see the babies; they are growing so fast.

  6. Jamie, you're the best. We had SUCH a good time and would like to thank again for your hospitality. What a beautiful way to spend the feast of St. Joseph! Food, fun, and of course a great cup of coffee. :)

  7. You girls look great! And all those sweet baby cheeks to kiss -- wish I'd been there!

  8. Hi and love to all you beautiful MN Moms and babies! I'm sure you all had a wonderful time. Jamie makes sure of that ;)


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