Thursday, March 18, 2010

How Long?

I got this Pussy Willow at Sam's Club for only like $3, but now I'm wondering how long those willows will stay on with very curious, soft thing loving, little girls I have?


  1. Funny! Probably related to how high they are displayed.

  2. I saw the same ones at Sam's when I stopped in last week. I skipped them, hoping that I'd be able to find some around here very soon.

    If it were at my house, they would need to be placed somewhere high because the temptation would just be too strong to touch those soft, fuzzy things! Good luck! :)

  3. Oooh...these remind me of my sweet mom. She LOVED pussy willows and had them in the house frequently (from our many educational walks in the woods!) I just loved to feel how soft they were. Maybe you can take a branch or two and put it in a "kid friendly" vase for the kids? That way they can touch them and enjoy w/o harming the other bunch. Maybe even take the "fuzzies" off a few branches for some kind of craft?

  4. Hi!
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  5. They are way bigger in person then on the blog. I think they are so pretty.


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