Friday, March 5, 2010

Beautiful Baby....

Beautiful baby, can you please stay like this forever?
Please pretty profile?

It's been a balmy 40+ degrees here in MN, perfect snowman making weather!
I always find it so funny in movies how they always can make snowmen when it snows. In actuality, you have to have a certain type of snow, sun and temp!
Which we happily have right now!
Have a great weekend everyone!
I've left you with a few posts to read....


  1. She is beautiful.
    Gosh, I just want to kiss her button nose!!!

  2. How pretty is that dear Sweetie Pie!! Give her sweet kisses from me.

  3. All your babies are beautiful. Those big blue eyes are so pretty...from mama!

  4. What great pictures! I have a couple of my own to post later today when I get on the house computer! Miss you! Hope you are having a good Lent!

  5. ALL of your babies are beautiful. what a great shot the last one is! I feel the same way about my daughter -- can she just stay that way for a little while longer, please.


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