Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Future Beautition?

Well, I think the correct word is now "Stylist". My dear husband was not very happy to find so many of these fairly new Barbies with new hair cuts.
This certain 5 year old's explanation was "We don't have any short hair Barbies!"
--For my Barbie explanation click here--
For now, all scissors are up high or locked in a cabinet.

Other form of punishment: cutting her hair!
See? She's devastated.

OK, she's been asking for a haircut for weeks now and I finally gave in.
I have to admit, it fits her. Maybe if I'd cut her hair sooner, the Barbies would have been spared their hair cuts?


  1. Your story is so cute. And indeed I have had the same situation with daughter and her barbies. The bad thing about scissors is that sometimes they are used in a bad way. My daugher cut her own pony tails when she was about five years old. We had to take her to a beauty salon to get it fixed by a professional.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS...this is too funny!

    She does look so cute with her new hair-doo!

  3. So cute! She looks just like Ramona Quimby! I love it.
    Aslynn hasn't thought of Barbie hair chopping yet. Just her own. ;)

  4. Poor Barbies...they'll get over it!
    As for your future stylist, she looks darn cute! And thrilled with her new haircut.

  5. OH too funny! My sweet Goddaughter looks JUST like Ramona Quimby. (do I dare say she acts a little like her too? ;)

  6. Cute!
    I so get the doll hair cutting! Rachel went through that phase. They all do, I think, and it's worse when it's our girls. Rachel cut about an inch across the top of her head so she had a tiny mohawk thing for ages and ages . . . there's just no fixing that. :)


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