Friday, March 5, 2010

Bubbles and Possums!

Margaret posted her recipe for bubbles and we couldn't wait to make our own!
Now, I need to go get some dishsoap though....

This is the "oops, I just tasted the bubbles!" look.
Our bubble play was interrupted by an opossum siting!!
I didn't get a front shot of him, but he was quite cute and not afraid at all. (which is kind of scary) I told them not to get too close. (at one time they were 2 feet away and he stopped and looked at them, I yelled "get away from him!") Later we read that opossums actually hiss and spray a foul smelling odor at attackers!!!


  1. You know what's funny? We just had an opossum sighting here this week too!! My SIL saw one in the driveway and took a photo. Kind of cute, in a way but that one was smaller and must have been a baby. Now hubby just noticed new tracks in our yard and is sure they are opossum. I'll have to see if I can catch a photo of one in our yard too.

  2. yes, I saw the bubbles project on margaret's site, and thought, definitely a go at our house. we will try that soon. you will got some very high bubbles.


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