Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Bunch of Stuff

I know I should do one of those "7 things" things, but...It's easier for me to just do a post once in a while called "A Bunch of Stuff."
I hope I don't bore you too much!
Here's a picture of the baby on our walk (with me :)
to the graveyard for All Souls Day...
Next to the graveyard, there is a big open field, I'm sure for future dead people, but for now, we love to run in it! (well, the kids love to run in it, I like to take pictures of the kids running in it)

OK, kids, please be respectful of the dead, please don't step on the graves....
or lay on them (Jedi)...

There are a lot of babies buried alongside our woods, on the edge of the graveyard. So sad.
there are a lot of little kids too, so young, like 2, 5 and 7.
Must have been some kind of epidemic or something.
So sad.
The oldest 2 graves we could find were 1892.
Graveyards are so interesting, I love the history.
Look how close these people were buried to the tree, I'm sure they were not that close when they were buried.

We picked several graves and prayed for those particular souls.

OK on to more uplifting things...
I can really tell the difference when the kiddos eat candy and when they don't.
It's much better when they don't.
Today is a "don't" day.
Mama needs it to be a "don't" day.
Maybe tomorrow will be a "do" day.
My sweet, chubby cheek, little, 4 year old is going through her terrible 2's now.
(Did I tell you there is NO CANDY today?)
I broke down and bought some of these cute dresses. I've always wanted to do it, not sure why I haven't...but Mary Hannah needed dresses, so I did it!
They really are nice, great quality dresses.
I think I am going to order a couple for Babycakes and Ballerina Rosie.

Oh, Sarah Palin, I really like you, really, I do, but why are you doing this?
I think it will be beautiful to see Alaska, but why a reality show? Why?
Seriously, what are you thinking?
We got Toy Story 3 last night (Netflix)
I have to say, it was my favorite of all the Toy Story movies.
I cried from the time Andy's mom looked into his room until the end.
My friend Susie, told me that this movie has especially appealed to moms out there because I don't think a mom could watch without crying or at least tearing up.
I kept saying to the kids "Aren't you crying?" and they would laugh. Daddy would laugh too.
He was not crying.
It was a great movie tears and all!


  1. That is such a gorgeous picture of you! Did the kids all watch Toy Story? I've been holding off because Liam was scared of the first one. It was much too mature for him. And I do not like the adult humor they put in kid's movies now. Liam started saying things were "sensual" after watching Disney's Cars movie too many times. He had no idea what it meant, but it was enough for me to say, NO more of that movie!

  2. Sarah, I didn't think there was any of that. I liked it more than the first, I thought the first movie was too scary with the mean looking toys, but the mean toys in this one weren't as mean looking and turned good in the end, except for one, who ends up somewhere funny.

    We've only seen Cars once....I hate when kid movies do that too.

    Praying for you and baby!!!! I'm sure you are counting down the hours!!!

    Love you, God bless!

  3. Those dresses are wonderful, aren't they? I just bought a few more for my girls (including the one you have pictured =), because they wear SO well. And since they will most likely be handed down, the quality is so worth spending a little extra, especially when you can get them on sale or with a discount, which is often the case.

  4. That's a really cute dress! Graveyards are really interesting; there's no telling what you'll find in them. I'm holding back on watching Toy Story 3...I know I'm going to blubber like a big baby!

  5. I enjoyed the graveyard photos and the photo of you (I always do, because you're so.darn.beautiful and always make me smile). Isn't there such interesting history out there? I took the kids to our most local graveyard yesterday out in the blustery wind (it's out on a gravel road in the middle of a wide open field pretty much) and they enjoyed it too.
    That candy bowl looks awfully inviting...I know ours is too. I put it up in a high cabinet out of sight, but it's still luring enough. Hear you on the too much candy!
    CUTE dress too. I've always seen them in the catalogs, but just can't seem to break down and spend that extra money. I see them on a lot of cute little girls and often wonder why I don't.
    Hope your week is going well :)

  6. That is a great picture of you!

  7. You are stunning, my dear! Love all the photos! DH and I both cried at TS3! And the dresses-LOVE THEM! I have a few that baby girl can wear when she is bigger (from her cousin!)

  8. Enjoyed your whole post girl but like others I kept thinking about how great you looked the fist photo with your precious one on your back. As one said you are stunning for sure.

  9. You've given me great reminders for my day. It's been on my to-do list to get my girl her LE dresses. Yes, they are high quality. Now, off to Netflix for Toy Story.

    Thanks, hugs and as always, luved seeing your pictures and touching base with you.

  10. You never bore us. I love all your posts and picures.

    You DO look great with that sweet baby on your back. She is getting more hair and it is getting darker!

    Ms. Palin is probably doing it for money. I do not have any interest in watching it. Wish people would just do their jobs and not be a showboat about it.

    I will try to check that movie out this weekend.

    The first toy story is way too scary. This is a show for little kids.

    That little dress does look so comfy and cozy.

    oh about the candy...I get crabby if I DO NOT have chocolate running through my veins.

    My kiddos get 2 a day...MAX and that is after all their jobs are done.

    You can also freeze the chocolate candy and get it out later. We do that too.

  11. I giggled on that pic of your kids by the gravestones at the cemetary. My kids did the very same thing. LOL. I had to give them the talk like I do *every year* how it's holy-ground and not a play-ground. sigh

    Oh, and I completely agree on the Sarah Palin reality tv show. What in the world?! Just doesn't seem right.


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