Saturday, November 20, 2010


Don't go to any store, but let's say don't go into Bed, Bath & Beyond on a busy Friday evening, with your 4 and 6 year old if you might, possibly have those uncontrollable, silent, but deadly kind of farts. Even if you think you have the perfect scapegoat, the baby, with you. It won't work.
There is no fooling these bright, rather loud, nose plugging, kiddos. You will hear your 4 year old say, very honestly and loudly, "No Mom, the poop smell is coming from your butt." (who could blame her, really, her head happens to be in that vicinity) Her older sister will then say, quite loudly, "Yeah, Mom, you farted, it's not Bridget's poopie diaper" You will hear yourself saying, trying not to laugh, in your meanest whisper "You guys be quiet! Don't say anything more about it and mommy will buy you a treat at the end!"

Remind me to never have homemade chicken barley soup for lunch ever again.


  1. Jamie Jo it is amazing how you can have me feeling so sorry for you and laughing at the same time. Also while looking at your beautiful smiling photo and not thinking tht Jamie could ever be in that particular situation. What a roller coaster ride of feeling and emotions in a short time. OK girl, I have had those moments as probably all your readers have & don't like to remember them but that's life. Thanks for the smile this morning and I do hope this will be an awesome weekend for you and your whole beautiful family.

  2. Tehehe...
    Oh Jamie. You make me laugh. Too funny. AND, too true.

    These days I get 'mom, that's as bad as daddy's', but I just keep blaming it on pregnancy. Gassin' for two! LOL.

    Have a great weekend and stay away from that soup!! :)

  3. You must have known a laugh was needed! I'd have been making a quick exit.

  4. I remember when my mum sneezed in KMart and farted at the same time . . . it was loud and it was hifreakinhilarious!! We were all dying! ;) I just tell my kids, "move quickly and don't make faces and oh, yeah, hold your breath" . . . and we bolt!

  5. I'm so grateful that I wasn't drinking something when I read this!

    I would have sprayed my laptop or choked.

    Too funny.

  6. very funny

    made me smile and laugh out loud
    lol lol lol lol

    ava farts like a man
    takes after her god-mama
    hee hee hee hee

  7. Oh my! I laughed so hard at this! I think every mom has been there. Thanks for sharing a laugh with us. :)


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