Saturday, November 6, 2010

Crystal Gayle and Memories

This is the first album I remember my dad having. He has all of her albums.
Yes, I said albums. He still has them.
I have all her songs memorized.
Because he played them all the time.
Even the one titled on this album cover.
Gosh, the memories.
I have her Greatest Hits CD and listened during dishes tonight and quite a bit afterward.
I still love her music.
Funny, how a memory from childhood can make something so special.
Crystal Gayle will always have good memories for me.
My all time favorite song is:
The lyrics are there and if you click on the left side orange arrow, you can listen to the song.
(oh, and pause the irritating video on the top left)
It's a song about God
and I remember singing in front of the mirror just cranking the song and singing in my best voice and putting so much feeling into it.
Please listen, you won't be disappointed.
Happy weekend everyone!
And thank you Dad for passing your love for Crystal Gayle onto me.
Now, grab your wooden spoons and sing along!

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