Friday, January 14, 2011

7 Quick Takes! (Volume 1)

OK, I'm going to try to do this "7 Quick Takes Friday" and see how it goes.
Jennifer, at Conversation Diary is the original author of this fun Friday thing, but I'm actually inspired today by Margaret. (well, I'm inspired other days by her too, it's just that today...well you get the picture)
It was hard to keep it to just 7 things for me, especially since I haven't blogged since last Thursday
1. John Paul II is being beatified May 1st this year!!!
He is one of my favorites and I never doubted he would become a proclaimed Saint!
This also makes me sad, because it reminds me of my parents and them not being in union with the Holy Father by following the SSPX. They threw everything out that they had on John Paul II a few years ago. I wish they would have given all the books and pictures to me.

2. Christine came to our house this week and Christine is Sweetie Pie's godmother (am I supposed to capitalize that word?) and

Babycakes (who we will now refer to as "Colette", as she is outgrowing the baby name...even though I still think of her as Babycakes, she will always be my Babycakes, just look at those cheekies!) waited by the window for her to arrive!

The babes sat together, because we forced them to, no other reason. But aren't they cute?
They are actually God sisters. (click on the picture for some up close cuteness)
Christine is Sweetie Pie's godmother and I'm Ava's godmother.
See? God-sisters!
Here's Christine still in shock that I gave up Diet Coke.
You read right.
I gave it up Monday.
No reason, except, I guess, to see if I could do it.
Guess what?
I did it.
I have not had Diet Coke since Sunday.
No headaches.
Only one or two cravings.
Christine brought me a case though of Diet it's sitting there, waiting for me to drink it up.

Christine came for lunch, we had cheese pizza, in which she only had one piece, (barely)
I didn't put nuts on it.
But both her and her sweet baby had chocolate stains on their clothes.
(they had just come from shopping)
Very suspicious as to why they didn't eat much.

Ava did let me kiss her, but in this picture, she's like "Hey, get away from me, quit kissing me!"
She says the cuuutest "Baby" word you'd ever hear.
3. This is why I haven't been blogging.
I've been exercising.
6 days a week.
Tomorrow will end my 2nd week.
I've tried in the past to exercise every day, but it's so hard to even get 3 days in.
I homeschool.
There's no time.
The kids would pull me in, and I'd never get it done.
Not this time!!!
I decided to do it, no matter what.
So, some things have to give, like blogging.
Because I know some of you will ask, so I will tell you:
I am doing these 2 DVD's.
3 days I do the hips and thighs walk and the 20 minute toning with it.
and the other 3 days I do different workouts, equalling 3 miles using hand weights.
I have (another) a pair of jeans that are wearing out, between the legs. Right in the upper inner thigh area.
Yes, my legs rub together.
Part of it is they way I am built, but part is because there is extra fat there.
I'm sick of that.
I had hit a plateau on Weight Watchers and needed to bump it up.
This is a test
to see if I can actually lose the weight, by exercising 6 days a week, no matter what,
and I'm....

4. Still following Weight Watchers online.
I just read that Margaret is also doing Weight Watchers!!
Good for you Mags!
This no Diet Coke, exercising every day, Weight Watchers plan I'm doing is just making me feel SO good, even if the weight doesn't come off, it feels good.

5. Swimming lessons start tomorrow (Saturday) for all 4 bigger kiddos.
They are very excited!
I am excited that a local college offered lessons on no crazy 2 weeks straight of every day lessons with 5 kiddos.
Daddy will be there to help!!

6. What's for Supper? Cheese Tortellini Soup! Yum! I can smell it's aroma filling the whole house!

7. For those of you still with me, here, I'm sure you are thinking "finally!"
I told you it was hard keeping it at just 7 things!
Here's a short video of Jedi, "playing death" which he did for literally 15 minutes while I corrected his past 3 days of Math.
Boys, gotta love them, the things they think of are hilarious!


  1. Way to go! You are determined and I'm sure you will see results. Cute pics of the kids together. Luv ya!

  2. I'm so impressed!! No diet coke and exercising every day. Way to go!! I've enjoyed the Walk away the Pounds routines in the past and find myself looking forward to resuming them...hopefully in April!

    I agree, the cheeks on Babycakes are just too cute. But then, I'm a cheeks kind of mama. Facial and the other ones. Just love them :)

    That soup sounds really yummy. I'll have to give it a try!

    But for now...I'm craving Diet Coke at your mere mention of it and wishing I had some on hand :)

    Happy Weekend!

  3. Welcome back my friend. I really hope you have great success on the exercise program. I know it will make you feel better in many ways. Don't stay away too long, OK? It just isn't the same without Jamie Jo.

  4. Yay! I've got a Weight Watchers buddy! Why no Diet Coke? Is it because of the sodium, or because Diet Coke is--in general--from the devil?

  5. That pic makes my nose look big and I could really use a tan!!!

    But I am smiling cause I still am drinking my COKE.

    It was a good visit. But way way too short.

    Have a great weekend with your family and I am glad to see you are still my blogging (anti-diet coke drinking) buddy!

  6. Keep up the great work on exercising. I need to get back into a better routine. Just don't ask me to give up my chocolate!

    As for the video, I am so glad my boys are not the only ones who do things like that. I was having flashbacks to Cub Scout camp this summer as my 10 year old's den did a skit where almost everyone 'died' with some flourish.

  7. I'm so proud of you, Jamie!!! Way to go on feeling better and sticking to the "new" rountine. When Momma's happy, EVERYbody's happy! :)

    So fun to see the Godsister's together. I haven't seen Ava since you posted Baptism pics. She's a dolly!!

    Happy swimming! Luke is taking air riffle every Saturday in Jan. with Curt thru 4H. Best part - I am not involved for once! :)

    Love and excitment for JPII on our favorite feast of Divine Mercy,
    Sarah G.
    PS Luke was loving the movie of Jedi!

  8. We also found a Saturday lesson at the YMCA.
    All four of the kids can go at the same time (in different groups) and I don't have to run to various lesson times during the week. Love it!
    Good for you on the Weight Watchers. I am super excited to meet my newest baby in eight weeks. But, also really looking forward to trying to lose some weight as well. (I am SO not the mom who goes home in her normal jeans after giving birth. And despite nursing my babies for over a year, the weight doesn't seem to 'fly' off of me!)


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