Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is There a Difference?

What's the difference between this and this?

We got Jedi a DS last year for Christmas, we did get it on sale for around $100, we do buy used games and trade games in, but still, they are more than an outfit for me or the girls.

I was thinking about this when I was in the shower (that's when I do my thinking) and thought about how, actually the dolls would be much more creative play.

We are having our crazy music day, Band and Piano and lunch with friends that have a similar schedule...hoping to post more later!


  1. Hi there Jamie Jo, Let me go ahead and advertise my ignorance. What is a DS? I assume it something like a play station but then I have never been on one of those gadgits. Today just about everything for children is electronic, poorly made and expensive. I sure miss the "good" old days when a simple, inexpensive item made you happy.
    Odie :)

  2. The DSi is actually able to connect wirelessly. Or so my son tells me. We have a gameboy and a ds (non-internet). I have OFTEN regretted bringing in the electronic games, but I have never once regretted getting my daughter an American Girl. She plays with her doll all the time, and is constantly making things (books, scarfs, clothes, etc) for her doll.

    I can understand not wanting to spend that much money. However, we went together with grandparents for this gift. It was her only gift that year for Christmas. We could choose to not buy anything more from the company. If my daughter saves up her money to buy the clothes and accessories, I let her.

    In the end, it is your decision, as parents.

  3. I was just going to post a comment when I read Suzie's comment. She stated my thoughts exactly!

    We (as you know) did the same thing. It was the only gift that Noelle got last Christmas and was in conjunction with Grandparent's monetary gifts and others to be able to purchase the doll along with a few accessories.

    Like Suzie's daughter, Noelle plays with it all the time and has made outfits, little fun accessories, etc to go with it. She saves money from birthdays, etc to buy something if she'd like.

    Having one good quality gift (of any kind, really) that is loved, used daily and will be passed down to 2 more girls (more if this baby is a girl!) has been a great investment already. Be it doll or DS!

    We also enjoy the historical books from AG and the G rated historical movies.

    Now Luke, likewise, used all his Christmas money from everyone combined, and bought a more expensive gift instead of a bunch of little items that end up sitting around after a while!

    To each his own!

  4. We just got the older two boys a DSi for Christmas without realizing that the i meant it could go online. We took that opportunity away with the parental controls. Anyway, the boys were so excited, but after a week, they seem to prefer playing the Wii...which is something the whole family can play. That's a way better investment. When my 3 year old daughter starts asking for an American Girl doll, I think we'll start with the much cheaper Bitty Baby, or the Target AG knock-off :)

  5. The Target knock off is just not the same. The hair is horrible. Save the pennies and get the real deal!

    again it would be a waste of money cause colette never ever has played with dolls (she has all brothers) and never ever has asked for one.

    i think in the shower too....except I have a babe at my feet.

  6. Aslynn is into American Girl Dolls. It's a great thing for the grandparents because then they can get her an outfit or something for Christmas instead of a bunch of junk. Great investment.

    Have not yet brought any type of electronic 'gaming' into my house. Trying to hold out for as long as possible. We don't have television or any video games. I am trying to preserve all of the creative and active play around here for as long as possible. But, I know that your son is older and that 'boy culture' will someday mean that we dabble into the tech world...It's a hard balance. It's one of those things I wrestle with...


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