Friday, February 25, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday (Volume 6)

Joining Jen again this week!
Please pray for Sanjay.
He's a 10 year old boy who belongs to our homeschool group.
His story is here
But that was 2 weeks ago, his brain is bleeding again.
Please Lord, surround him with your graces and
please Divine Physician, heal him and give his family strength.

Jedi is crossing over the bridge on Monday at his Blue and Gold Dinner!
He will officially be a Boy Scout and get his Arrow of Light.
(now he's a Weeblo Scout)

Ballerina Rosie and Daddy went to a Father-Daughter event this past weekend.
They had dinner,
got their picture taken professionally,
got dance lessons,
listened to speakers
They had a great time!
Tom told me he really wants to get this speaker's tape for the girls!
You can see her story here
I am so tempted to bring Cheeseballs on the airplane to Mexico!!
(I found her dress at Shopko for only $14--discounted Christmas dress!)


Mexico is only 30 days away!
But who's counting?
I am.

Look at my baby!!
She loves to play dress up with her sisters!!!
She's only 18 months! (yesterday)
Isn't it amazing how God just puts those instincts there?

Do I hug enough?
Did I hug "-----" enough today?
This is the question I ask about each of my children every night.
I think hugs are so important,
yet, it is so easy to not do it.
Mornings and bedtime, easy to remember!
I've noticed as they get older,
it gets harder to remember my
5 hug a day rule!
I struggle with this.
I think just a gentle back rub,
or hand on their shoulders while talking to them
makes such a difference on them
feeling loved.
Which always leads to more....

These are our Chairs of St Peter.
Another flop for this mama.
They were supposed to look like this
Our legs wouldn't stand.
But, I didn't read the directions and only looked at the picture.
I thought they used frosting.
I was wrong.
They used melted white chocolate.
I can see how that would work much better.
(Our grocery store didn't have the right cookies either!
So, I just got those Oreo things)
The kiddos didn't mind
Hey, they got cookie straws and pop tarts for breakfast!

Have a great weekend everyone,
God bless you!


  1. Your ballerina girl is growing up quickly into a young lady. That was a great picture of her and your hubby. Have a marvelous weekend.

  2. Have a great weekend Jamie.
    The chair idea looked yummy!

    Glad to hear the father/daughter dance went well. What a blessing to have a good dad for daughters. So so so important.

    Lots of hugs!! My favorite time is at night when we tuck kids in bed. Lots of love then.

  3. Yeah, mornings and bedtimes, it's easy to give lots of hugs and tickles....but it's the inbetween times that get tricky!

  4. Said a prayer for the boy your posted about. Hope he is healed!

  5. I'm trying to add more hugs in every day too- especially for my four year old boy who doesn't come to me for them often enough. It just means it's time for me to be reminded to do them more!


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