Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Perturbed Face

Yesterday 2 of the 5 kiddos had a doctor appointment.
This was just a well child appointment
the doctor's office will only make appointments for 2 at a time.
I come in with all 5 kiddos.
I'm sure it is quite a show.
Within the first 5 minutes, before our coats are even off,
my 4 year old has coughed in her hand (gasp went the receptionist!)
instead of her arm,
"Next time, could you please cough in your arm please sweetie?"
she picked her boogers,
she ran around the whole waiting room,
she ran down the hall where the doctors are.
She refused to come by me or any of her sisters or brother.
(who were chasing her, trying to reel her in)
I told them to leave her alone.
Which finally worked.
She came and stood by me,
while I answered the receptionist's questions about our address, twice,
one for each child's appointment.
Then, I filled out the paperwork for each, while holding the (very squirmy) baby,
and then read books (which we brought) to the baby and the 4 year old.
Drenched in sweat, I caught out of the corner of my eye,
a woman motioning me.
This woman, was, I'd say in her upper 50's, if not 60, with long, straight dark hair.
She was sitting with what looked like Santa on vacation. He had the white beard and hair and belly, and wore a white t-shirt and a white headband on his head,
you know the kind from the 7o's.
She then, lipped to me, with very exaggerated movements, so I'd understand,
I then, wrinkled my eyes, in disbelief, I guess,
she then, lipped it again, with exaggerated movements,
Now anyone who has brought 5 kiddos to the doctors office, knows how hard a task this is.
I was not feeling my usual "be nice to rude people" self.
So, this is the look I gave her, with a nod yes.
I couldn't even look her in the eye after that, so,
I had my eyes on the book, with my 2 littles on my lap, hugging them a little tighter and kissing them a little more, as she continued to talk to her workout Santa husband, about how,
Oh, my gosh, those are ALL mine.
I think I just felt so
on display.
I hated it.
Usually going against the current is
easy for me.
It is hard.
Thank you God for EVERY ONE of my beautiful children.
(even when they pick their boogers
and run around waiting rooms and don't listen to me in public)
Even though others might not see the blessing,
I see it.
I guess
they help me to see the blessings even better.


  1. I like your perturbed face. I don't think anyone likes to put on a show. I am even starting to feel people's stares as I try to wrestle with three kids. God Bless you and your beautiful family!! p.s. your reward is in heaven!

  2. I try hard to be kind too, but some times my Italian side gets the best of me! Love to you!

  3. BLESSINGS...YES THEY ARE! I am 33 weeks away from having my 4th blessing and I too am done with the be nice to rude people!

    God Bless you and yours!!

  4. I remember when I was younger (I'm the oldest of 10) all the looks & attitude we would get. My mom always handled it with such grace. Much like it seems you did. This culture just doesn't seem to understand.

    I only have 2 babes at this time, but already I get a taste of it. When we had our second, we had all sorts of questions from our more casual acquaintances (those who didn't know better) about whether or not D was going to "get snipped" or whether we "knew better yet". What a deprivation they force upon themselves, and what a blessing you have invited!

  5. That was a great picture of you and really enjoyed your whole blog.

  6. You are looking great, Jamie!

    A beautiful woman with beautiful children...what a blessing!

  7. I still think you look pretty darn cute, even when you are preturbed!! :)

    I think you had every right to show off that preturbed look, even if it was to Santa's wife :)

    You are an awesome mom with some pretty darn cute (and special) kids. Keep up the good work mama!

  8. Jamie

    It's nice to hear that someone else has children that run around and "don't listen"! I get those "looks" all the time at Target! Most of the looks are very irritated looks, like how dare I bring my whole family to Target with me.

    Yes, I understand completely how you feel. You never said the word "angry" but if you were angry, I would say it's justified anger. I have those days too--when it's hard to offer things up with a Christian smile. Only God knows the sacrifice we are making on the inside. I think it was enough that you held your kids a little tighter and kissed them a little more. You were giving God your sacrifices with kisses.

  9. I lub your face also. Some people are so mean.

    You should have told that sweet lady who was so rude that the Dr. that works at the clinic (who I personally know) also has 5....gasp gasp gasp...FIVE kids also! ALL HIS!

    Just wait when your kiddos get bigger ...ya know teen-agers like mine....It seems like we have twice as many people when going places.

    It hurts the heart sometimes. What gets me are the close family members...like my mother and MIL...who were not excited for us when we were expecting Ava. Now they want to see her and love her. Of course I do not say anything..but I wish I could sometimes show them a good ol'fashioned perturbed face back when.

    lub to you Jamie. We are blessed.

    give my goddaughter and extra extra special hug from me today.

  10. the "some people are so mean" was for the lady..not you. Trying to write and think fast on only one can of pop today. Ugh!

  11. Oh, Jamie - you are brave! I quit taking all the kids to the grocery store and the doctor's office a while back. For the dr. I either hire a babysitter to stay with the others at home or at least bring her along to stay in the waiting room with kids rather than cram the whole family into an exam room.

    I wish that lady could see your blog and what a creative and constructive home ALL your kids get to grow up in!

  12. You needed to ask her, "So is THIS how Santa REALLY spends his vacation time??"
    Proud of you for choosing the right path. Like Sarah H. said, your reward will be great in Heaven!!

  13. I appreciate this blog so much! This topic in particular hit home with me - I have 4 boys and got the same question asked of me just last night at Wal-Mart. Your blog really helps me put things into perspective. Thank you for sharing and encouraging all of us in cyberspace!

  14. Hahaha! Santa on vacation! :D
    You look pretty cool with that expression. It's true that only a Mom can see the blessing in her children while the world just acts like a jerk!


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