Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Spa Day!

Ballerina Rosie got this book for Christmas

(yes, it's American Girl, their books aren't expensive! And they are really nice!)
Inside there are a lot of different, very fun things to do with mom. There are interviews, secret notes, coupons for each mom and daughter and these door hangers to go with a "Spa Day".
-If you look really close you can see me in the reflection, thank goodness I was wearing a robe!

So, Sunday, we had a Spa Day in the afternoon.

She put a mud mask on me and I put one on her.
We listened to some Dance music and some Light Classical.

She had it all planned out, lotions for after our bubble bath.

She got a massage on her back and her feet...

then the other girls wanted to join in on the nail painting....

"See my pretties?"
I really love changing her diapers and seeing those little toesies!

Yes, my foot is the biggest.....I think my girls have my big toe though....poor things!

Hey, they are great thong toes. (I guess they call them "flip flops" now)

My baby gets a Spa every day!

She is bathed and lotioned up afterward.

I love the smell of that Lavender baby lotion!

I think my favorite smell is baby after bath!

I lotion them up til they are like 5!

*Can't resist putting a picture of babe in sink, you know I love babes in sinks!

Now, Ballerina Rosie and Mary Hannah are planning out a "Spa Party" where they invite all their friends and we face mask and paint toes and fingers and beauty it up!

Sounds fun!

Wanna come?


  1. Oh, Jamie! This made me smile in such a BIG way. Especially that pic of you and your daughter with your masks on. The Pretty Piggies pic was adorable, too!

    I've been so sick with Strep Throat and now my oldest girl has it as well. :( We could *really* use a Spa Day.

  2. That was sooooooooooooooo sweet what you shared with your daughter. I hope that mask helped in some way. Take care & stay warm.

  3. Of course I'm still reading! And this post made me smile all over the place. Very sweet; very Jamie Jo.

  4. Very sweet. To set aside some time with your daughter. Just the two of you. I think this is so important for those of us with several children. It is hard. But so important. A little one-on-one time goes a LONG way.

  5. Yes, I do!!! Oh that'd be so much fun!
    It's great that you made one-on-one time with her... You rock!

  6. I wanna come!!! Remember I am sneaking in that suitcase of yours to go to Mexico...so I better look good with smooth skin and cute tootsies!

    Great Idea Jamie and so very good that you take time to play with those girlies.

    I tend to be in light saber fights and nerf gun battles. sigh.

  7. ps....is Margaret saying HI to little ol'me??????????????

  8. Looks grand, it does!
    I like all y'all's toes.
    In Hawaii flip flops are called slippahs. ;)

    Enjoyed this!

  9. Who said that spa is just for adults? This activity is such a fun bonding time for you and your children. It's genuinely sweet of you to make an effort like this. I hope all moms out there do this kind of special activity with their kids too. It not only makes you closer to each other, but it also teaches the kids how to take good care of their bodies. Moreover, it lets them experience how good it feels to be cleansed. Other families should try this too.

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